My Bernie feelings this episode...

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In seriousness though, I miss Serena so much and I really miss Berena but my goodness have I missed this side of Bernie! And I like that Ric is here. I like that he’s come in to put some order to Bernie’s chaos and I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. Remember when Serena was left alone on AAU for one day since Bernie’s arrival? She had an absolute melt-down and Bernie pointed out that AAU now has a trauma bay. That’s exactly it. Yes, Bernie is one of the best surgeons Holby has, so is Serena but with the size of AAU now, it really does require two leads to run the ward. I think Bernie and Ric will do amazingly well and maybe, Ric is what Bernie needs right now. I for one can’t wait to see what happens - I just really hope Bernie keeps the sass! CAUSE I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!

things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming
A list of things I want from Holby City.

When Serena is away on Sabbatical I don’t want Bernie to just be a background character.
I want:
• Bernie and Dom scenes, talking through Doms recent revelation with Issac and Serena leaving
• I want to see Bernie at least trying to communicate with Serena, maybe even a reply and a look into where Serena has gone?
• I want Bernie and Ric scenes.
•I want Bernie and Zosia Scenes.
• I want Alex to come back and for there to be a storyline there.
• I want Cameron to come back and stay with his mum.
• I want to see Bernie socialising with Raf, Fletch, Morven and everyone.
• I want Hanssen to be all protective and have scenes with Bernie.
• I want to know how Bernie is coping with Serena being away.
• I want Jason and Bernie scenes, I love their relationship and want to know if they’re still close even after Serena left.