frères scott

They beat you
until you learned not to cry
(in front of them)

They cast you into the fire
until you learned that burns and scars are strength
(they show you survived)

They threw you to the wolves
and you returned, the alpha
(learning that loyalty is earned not expected)

I guess you learned from them
that goodness is a choice 
(you don’t have to kill)

—  The world just couldn’t steal your fire by Abby S (the-ships-to-rule-them-all)

its still sciles day on the west coast so i didnt miss it >:3c i decided to do a redraw of a trans sciles pic i did last year, and also bc the amazing kat @sleepy-skittles wrote a thanksgiving trans sciles fic for my bday ;_;


Because Koujaku is in lesbians with Aoba ( if you haven’t watch scott pilgrim vs the world you need to do that right now. you wont regret it )
they aren’t specifically numbered but the one thing they share in common is that they are Aoba’s ex boyfriends and now Koujaku has to fight for Aoba! ( and Mizuki as Wallace <3 )


“I’m just a regular american who was screwed out of his vacation, dumped on a plane and brought to this place. Without any breakfast!.”


My bloody Valentine. Speed art.