On the recent activity

This is me being VERY sunny over all of the updates we’re getting, and I wanna get people speaking their support over this recent trend of updates we’ve been getting


The Encyclopedia Expansion happened on the 12th, and just 5 days later, we got the Community Update of a lifetime! Tshirts? YES PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY. It’s income for the staff that’ll be put towards hiring people and expanding the site. I’m very much in support of this movement

And for those who haven’t been keeping an eye on the Site Status update box, we’ve gotten 14 updates since the last Welcome Week! These updates include, but are not limited to: Cycled-Out Items article update, Ask The Team update, Apparel corrections update, Gene list update, 25 new questions being added to Tomo’s roster, and a few updates from Mutron about technical issues regarding Clan Bonuses that was fixed very quickly!

AND I don’t know if you all have noticed, but at the bottom of the update, it lists what’s going to be talked about in the next post update, so we know when to expect it!

Look, guys, I 100% understand FR ain’t a perfect site. But we gotta encourage this behavior. They’re listening. We’re getting merch, we’re getting Developer Updates. DEV UPDATES. We’ve all asked for it at some point! That’s the Staff slowly closing the bridge between the Playerbase and the Tech side of stuff.

So drum up some positive thank-yous, you loafs of dragon bagels, this is what we’ve been asking for, and I ain’t hearing the people who were asking for this acknowledge it! I know it ain’t my business, and nobody’s required to voice anything, but for those who can and do support this sorta update schedule the Staff is falling into, let’s kick our butts into gear and keep pushing for this!

In before “There’s so much left to do, Site Lore, Coli, etc” let’s just take a breath here and realize that this is baby steps. We will get our Lore, we’ll get our Coli, but we can’t just blow off the will-bes for the right-nows. Right now, we’re getting consistent updates. Right now, the Staff are setting themselves up for a solid schedule. And for right now, until we’re sure that this is gonna be a regular thing, we should continue to encourage and appreciate this update schedule which has me all sorts of jazzed.

Don’t forget the Will-Bes, but make sure to acknowledge the Right-Nows and what we’re getting! We’ve been asking for it, after all!


Some warm autumn dragons~

I’m especially pleased with how Vergil (the imp) looks. I’ve had him for 2 years, and he’s based off a far older, more beloved oc of mine. He still rocks those ancient genes. I’m glad I could do him perfect justice in dragon form c:

The other two are Pumpkin and Audora!

I’m feelin really optimistic about the site rn 8) it seems like the staff have been taking things to heart about transparency and interacting with the site. sure, not everything is perfect immediately, but I feel like the last few days have been a really good sign that the staff are listening. I’m excited for what’s coming next!

You know who’s amazing?

Bun. Bun is just a wonderful human being. She’s always there when I need it. Makes my day better. Blows up my phone- I honestly don’t know how I would be without her at the moment.

Whenever I’m going through something she’s there. She takes time out of her day to edit my stories or collect photos when needed at the middle of the night.

She’s all the way across the world but still does so much.

I’m literally one of the luckiest people in the world and couldn’t of asked for a better best friend 💗 @rbuns 💗

Oddly bodied Dragons of Vagrilux!

Sable: Was once a Spiral, and her wings still sort of represent that. Her hands are fully functional, and she’s a very fast flier. Bad at turns with such slender wings, though. But her dexderity is unmatched!

Azathoth: Well… he’s not truly a dragon. Being an Abyssal Being, he simply mimics a Spiral form to stay sort of incognito. He’s a bit chubby, though. And his extremely languid personality will give him away.

Horizon: sort of ferret-y? She lactates like a Mammal, and is covered in fur- save for her tummy and teats, which are more velvety. So uh… exposure warning on her, eh? I never draw her nipples for on-site stuff but now u all know they’re there, and only ever mentioned on this tumblr pfft. Not exactly REQUIRED when drawing her, but I doodled these to show off some odd-bodied Dragos in my Clan so there you go. Exclusive Vagrilux Nip Slip ™