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Hi guys! aphrodi-tae here,used to be GOR-JESSICAT, for my 3rd follow forever!! Weeeeee!! I know I haven’t been too active here lately, all thanks to COLLEGE wow reality sucks tbh. But now, it’s almost summer (in our country) and I finally found some time to be active & edit again like before. Although I am not promising you guys such wonderful edits, well being on hiatus did get my editing a bit rusty and I wasn’t really good at editing even before. But I promise you guys, I’d work hard to improve and show wonderful edits for all my beautiful followers. I know I’ve lost quite a few during my hiatus, and I’m so thankful for those who stayed & patiently waited for my return LOL

My follow forever is dedicated to all these lovely blogs I follow that make my dashboard full of life. Thank youuu for always making my dashboard awesome as you guys are!

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hey everyone, it’s the jolly time of year again! it’s the year of giving, not receiving, so i decided to try my best to make a happy holidays themed follow forever. please, please don’t judge my horrible picture. ; www ; but i wish you all a wonderful, lovely, and warm christmas (or winter break) and new years! stay safe, don’t catch a cold, and good luck on your upcoming finals as well! here are 10 out of the 53 blogs that i follow that i admire, the blogs that never fails to make my dash so beautiful. c: these are all gorgeous blogs, so check them out! (note: these are all in alphabetical order, it’s not in order of favorites! also, bolded are friends.)

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