Jinki…you are too cute😘

Photograph ~ SHINee World 2016 DxDxD Tokyo Dome

sm entertainment will be teaming up with hitejinro beer to launch a series of special edition beer from three representative artists tvxq, snsd, and shinee. the beers will be avaliable in a can of six packs (355ml) with each of the cans colored to represent their fandom colors. the concept for the beers will be “dancing beer”. the beer will first go on sale on october 1st to go along with the kick off of the 2016 spectrum dance festival in seoul. (source)

in a segment entitled: from pager to cassette: shinee’s retro 90s concept comeback, korean media outlet e-news reports on shinee’s comeback with their fifth album, 1of1, and the release of the limited edition cassette tape that is being released along with it. in doing so, they cutely edit the audio teaser of onew’s recommendation of “투명 우산 (don’t let me go)” from september 28th over scenes of from replay 1988 for hype. (source)