lupe fiasco’s hurt me soul is honestly the best song ive ever heard but at the same time there’s a deeper meaning to it for me, personally.

because i consider myself a person who has a lot of compassion for everyone in this world and i really do feel like in a sense, i feel everybody’s pains in this universe to a certain extent.

growing up i remember being sad over a lot of things that i couldn’t control, i remember being like…6 or 7 years old feeling a lot of pain for the things i saw around me or the suffering i saw people going thru and it kind of shaped my patience with human beings like…im always thinking the best of people even in the worst scenarios.

I love how Beca and Chloe’s relationship seems to be based off of Anna’s and Brittany’s.

I mean, first of all, half of what they joked about in interviews happened.

And then there was that “character-to-actor role-reversal”… We all have noticed how Brittany’s character (Chloe) acts all “gay” (for Beca) much like how Anna acts for Brittany herself.

It’s all- I can’t put it into words correctly. it just makes sense and it’s cute.

Selalu ada penyesalan di akhir bukan?

by dwsrkh

Tidak ada yang perlu disesali dari sebuah pilihan. Kamu sudah memilihnya sendiri, lantas mengapa masih harus menyesali pilihanmu itu? Belajarlah untuk bersyukur karena masih diberi kesempatan untuk memilih. Hidup bukan mengenai penyesalan yang terjadi akibat pilihan yang telah dibuat. Tapi, hidup lebih dari itu, bagiku hidup tentang bagaimana kita bisa tetap konsekuen dan bersyukur atas apa yang telah kita pilih. Karena mungkin skenario-Nya memang sudah seperti itu

Story time!

At the plane, there was this lil 8-year-old (moreless) boy traveling by his own.

It’s amazing cuz he did it all by himself. It was a night plane, he took his blanket, his puppet, set a movie and stayed there, calm, looking so mature even surprising the flight assistance that was taking care of him.

That guy was amazing

And then…. There was me.

A 16-years-old senior, graduating this late November asking to my mom if she had brought my favorite blanket.