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Can you write a scenario where you and Suho have an argument and he says something really hurtful, so you lock yourself in your room, put some clothes in your bag and attempt to leave the house, but he refuse to let you go? A little angst and you can end it as you please. :3

You slammed the remote down on the coffee table, turning to look at Suho who sat next to you. Both of you were having a bad day and there just wasn’t a good atmosphere around you. Out of nowhere, both of you got fed up with the other and an argument broke out.

You tried ignoring his remarks and you tried not to give any back, but when he shouted for you to actually pay attention to him for a second, that prompted you to throw the remote down rather harshly.

“What?!” you hollered at him, getting an appalled expression in return.

Suho’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared at you. “Why are you so angry today?” he asked as if he hadn’t been sitting there complaining about things for an hour.

Now you were appalled. “Me? You’ve been complaining nonstop since I got here,” you said in defense.

Suho rolled his eyes, getting off the couch. “You’re so naggy all the time,” he said, going into the kitchen. “Sometimes I really wonder if the fans are right; you’re only with me for my fame.” He opened the fridge, not even realizing the impact of the words that just left his lips.

Clamping your lips shut, you slowly stood from the couch. You, in no way, were with Suho for his fame or money, you honestly loved him. It hurt so much that he would even think something of the sorts.

“Fine. If that’s what you want to think,” you said, heading towards the bedroom.

Mocking you, Suho only turned to you whilst sipping his orange juice. “Don’t act like it doesn’t seem like that. You try to act all modest when I buy you things, but I know you’re secretly gloating,” he said with a scoff.

Now feeling extremely hurt, you stormed off with tears in your eyes and slammed the bedroom door, locking it. Instantly, you went for your bag sitting by the door. You began grabbing clothes and cosmetics that sat around the room, stuffing them all in your bag. If Suho really felt that way, you didn’t want to keep taking up his space.

A knock sounded on the door. “What are you doing?” Suho asked, his voice still just as hard as it had been moments before.

You ignored him, continuing to pack your things while he continued to knock on the door pesteringly. In a frizzy and distracted by his knocking, you accidentally knocked something off of the dresser you were pulling clothes from.

With a loud smash, the picture frame hit the floor and the glass shattered. Startled, you stopped and stared at the item, momentarily forgetting what you were doing. It was a photo of you and Suho with a bear he had gotten you one time, an enormous bear to be exact. The tears you were holding in spilled out but you only stepped over the picture frame and continued packing, grabbing the last of your things.

“Yah! What’s going on?” Suho bugged from the other side of the door, wondering what the crash was.

You wiped your tears and zipped up your bag Finishing up your things and unlocking the door, you jerked it open and faced Suho. Blank facing him, you pushed by and started for the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked, following along behind you, seeing your bag. When you ignored him, he caught your arm and held you back. “Why do you have your bag?” he asked, his voice dropping to be really quiet as he realized what was going on.

You jerked your arm around and proceeded to put your shoes on. “I’m leaving you alone,” you said simply.

Suho then grabbed your bag and took a few steps away. “Why?” he asked.

Looking up, you caught the stunned and scared expression on his face. Now he looked hurt and confused, like a small child. You wanted to scoff, but the whole situation was too much. You were hurt just as much as he. Finished tying your shoes, you stood back up and reached for your bag but he held it out of your reach.

“Seriously, Suho, give it back,” you demanded approaching him, but he only took steps backwards to keep it away from you.

“Why are you leaving?” he asked, his eyes boring into yours while you stood there, ready to burst out crying and yelling at him.

Exasperatedly, you screamed at him. “Because, obviously, I’m such a bother and I only want you for your money and fame!” Then your tears began leaking out. “Now give me my bag so I can get out of your way!” you choked, trying to reach for the bag.

But Suho continued to pull it from your reach until you finally gave up and dropped your hands in failure. “Suho, please,” you cried, looking up at him in plea. “If you think I’m that bad of a person, just let me leave.”

He looked as if he almost wanted to cry at your heartbroken expression as he silently held out your bag, complying to your wishes. Hesitantly, you reached up for it only to flinch in surprise when Suho’s arms embraced you, pulling you into his chest.

“I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry,” he murmured into the crown of your head. “I’m really sorry. Please don’t leave.” By the crack in his voice, you knew he was crying. You stayed silent though, crying into his chest. “I love you so much that I would buy you a thousand mansions and cars and I wouldn’t care if you trashed them all. I’m sorry for what I said, really.”

You smiled through your tears at his words. You knew you shouldn’t have even taken anything too seriously, because people say things when they’re flustered, but it still hurt.

Suho hugged you tighter, dropping your bag to the floor. “Don’t leave me.”

this didn’t turn out as well as I hoped :(

I hope you still liked it

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EXO's reaction when they wake up as a woman.

Yes yes yes!!! Thank you that-human-girl! You’re a genius! 

Chanyeol: Wait… *touches face* Is this really me?

Sehun: Good morning beautiful *looks in mirror*

The hell?


D.O: *whispers* Yesssss


Lay: Dayyymn. Ok.

Chen: Where do I go from here???

Xiumin: *Walks by a mirror* …

Baekhyun: Hey boyzzz!!!!

Suho: Guys. I’m scared.

Kris: I’ve got TITTIES!!!