don’t try to out high note Jjong  (∩▂∩)


If you are an international fan it is possible that you have been pronouncing shinee’s names incorrectly simply because of the way their names are romanized! Hopefully this video helps some of y’all out! (it doesn’t include last names but it’s still helpful)

according to an article released by herald pop, both shinee and 2pm are gearing up for comebacks in september! the two groups will be joining the already very busy september comeback line up.

shinee has been busy perparing for their fifth solo concert, shinee world v, to be held at seoul olympic park gymnastics stadium between september 2nd - 4th. though there have been no details announced as of yet about either a time or schedule for shinee’s album release, it is expected to be after their concert.. this will be shinee’s first korean release since their repackage album, married to the music, over a year ago. (…) jyp entertainment confirmed to media on august 29th that 2pm are in preparation for their first comeback in a year and two months, also slated for september. it is rumored that the music video is currently in the process of being filmed. the duel comebacks are being highlighted due to both shinee and 2pm coming from 2008 debuts / being considered as rivals during their debut year. (source)