do y'all realize exo were dreaming??? like there are frames with the members sleeping/in bed/alone. and then we got minseok playing mad scientist and somehow the video doesnt make sense. it’s because maybe that substance made them sleep and go to an alternative world and that’s when shit got real. summary: blaze it

despite ‘love me right’ being a super nice song with a very pretty mv that i love… sm gives less shits abt exo m than ever before, it’s like they’re trying to make us forget that they’re even a part of exo anymore. except for yixing, for obvious reasons (i’m rly happy he gets parts and has his studio etc so no hate ok). like since when did they even make jongdae sing this little?? especially in a chinese version?? he used to be their everything. and i’m very used to minseok having like half a line, and now he got like maybe one full line… but rly… why doesn’t even the chinese version have exo-m singing/rapping the most part, with /help/ of exo-k. not the other way around. like i know they’re just three members atm, but that makes it even less excuseable to have xiuchen sing /this/ little in the chinese version, if they don’t have anything more in the korean version either. it’s literally exo-k feat. exo-m on both versions. honestly. stop this nonsense. like we all know xiuchen could’ve done at least as good of a job as the k members on the chinese version, so don’t even go there. please stop trying to make me forget about m. i wouldn’t even be here without m, so don’t even try to take the m members (who wants to stay) away from me like this. this has nothing to do with exo-k not being good enough (you know they are, sm can confirm it), this is all about exo-m not even being given the chance to prove themselves anymore, even if we know they’re good enough. bye.