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Zhang Yixing Personal Studio Update:
“#ZhangYixing1007BirthdayFM# “Promise version” of the poster has been revealed! [Understanding, is the affirmation you gave me from the beginning; Accompaniment, is the most beautiful memory you and I have; Anticipation, is the truest promise between you and me] October 7, Shanghai, China, Zhang Yixing promises you, to leave a precious memory for each other.”

Yixing’s birthday fanmeet will be held at Shanghai Grand Stage!


I love this so much

Lay - 150905 Zhang Yixing’s Studio’s weibo update: “#张艺兴1007生日FM# “约定版”海报曝光 【了解,是你对我最初的肯定;陪伴,是你与我最美的回忆;期待,是你和我最真的约定。】10月7日,中国上海,张艺兴@努力努力再努力x 约定你,为彼此留下一段珍贵记忆 赴约请猛戳购票通道,密切留意票务信息:”

Translation: “#ZhangYixing1007BirthdayFanmeet# "Promise Edition” Poster reveal 【Understanding, it’s the recognition you gave me from the beginning; accompaniment, it’s the beautiful memories you and I have together; expectations, it’s the most real promise we share.】 On October 7th in Shanghai China, Zhang Yixing promises you. In order for you to create a precious memory, please pay attention to ticket releases on Mengchuo channel.“

Credit: 张艺兴工作室.

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