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“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]

The Perfect Shot

Part Five

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: violence, swearing, angst

Summary: the reader has a bad time and it gets progressively worse ngl

A/N: I’m bad at summaries I apologise

Part One

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would me my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

Yet here I am, wrists bound behind my back, about to be murdered by a biker gang.

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#35 from dialogue list for Bughead

#35 was quite a challenge, at first… I had no idea of how to make something so dramatic with those words, but I’m quite happy with the results! Thank you for sending me this, Anon!!

Title: A Moment of Despair
Summary: For the Dialogue List- number 35: “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” Jughead goes after his father, but FP is long gone by now. The boy is troubled and broken, and she’s the only one who can fix him.
A/N: Since we all seem to be trapped in this angst feeling after ep 10, why not writing some dark Bughead moments, right? This was supposed to have less than 1k words, but as always, I couldn’t hold back XD This is a failed prediction of chapter 11, and even if I know this is definitely not going to happen, I decided to write it down simply because I can. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also, thank you so SO much, @jeemyjamz and @confessionsof-riverdale ! You guys have no idea of how much you’ve helped me during this time my beta took a break XD This pic is for us!
The front door of the trailer was practically tossed aside by the teenager as he stormed inside, not minding whatever consequences his actions could bring upon him. His heart was beating faster, his lungs were demanding for air, and his hands were shaking uncontrollably, as his eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness that surrounded him.

“Dad! Are you in here!?”

A chilling breeze followed him as he searched the entire place, not leaving a single room forgotten. Memories were spread around the metallic, fragile walls of his father’s trailer home, staring at him with those familiar faces that were long gone from his life. They reminded him of how things used to be, and confronting his broken reality, Jughead’s heart beat even more anxiously with each passing moment. His feet made their way past the pile of junk and empty, beer bottles that created a trail of mess and destruction, which, in the end, ended up leading him to the worst possible scenario.

The trailer was empty. Empty of life and hope, and certainly empty of his father’s strong presence.

So it was true, he thought.

The scene his greenish-blue eyes were witnessing at that very moment just proved what he’d overheard from his friends earlier. His father had run away, attesting his guilt regarding Riverdale’s most shocking crime. He shot Jason Blossom in a cold-blooded act and fled from the town — labelling himself as a murderer, and leaving everything behind. Leaving his own son behind.

And just when he thought his father was getting his act together.

Realization hit him hard, and soon, tears started to pool around his eyes. Jughead was breaking down in a mix of anger, fear, and disappointment he wasn’t sure were directed towards his father or himself. He was mad at FP for shooting a kid, but most of all, Jughead was mad at himself for actually believing his father when he said he had nothing to do with Jason’s death. He lied to him about the murder and probably about everything else just so he could keep his own son away until he had everything ready to leave.

‘It must have felt incredible.’ Jughead thought, as his mind started to think back to all the successful lies his own father had told him. Lies which he believed whole-heartedly simply because they came from the man he loves. The man who raised him, for god’s sake!

“You bastard…”

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that one adventure time confession thing that was like “i won’t be satisfied if finn doesnt end up with pb, fp, or marceline” …………. man are they gonna be disappointed when pb and marceline make out and flame princess and finn continue to just be friends


Hello Again, and Welcome to Week 12 (Technically Week 13 but I was a bit late!) of the Analysis Series!

Today we will be Covering the Knight Gear, his stats AND passive abilities!

A heads up tho, due to this being late, It does mean I Will TRY and get the next video up tomorrow!

Sign of the Times

→ You can find Chapter 1 here and request a fanfiction here!

Bughead + FP x Alice parallels  

Chapter 2: Letters and Melodies

Betty had skipped class that monday morning, she was too embarrassed to face Jughead. What would she say if she encounter him? How would she solve things? He didn’t even wanted to hear her after the fight, nor could FP convince him.

Alone at home, she was still crying about that night’s events. Chuck Clayton had exposed her deepest secret and now everyone knew that part of her, the part Betty was ashamed of. Her dark side, the one she could not control it.

The palms of her hands were burning. She no longer knew what to do. She had lost herself.

It was after ten in the morning when she decided she needed to do something to distract herself before her thoughts drove her crazy. Betty put on her shoes and decided to look in the basement for something to do. As a child, she and Polly loved spending time finding their parents’ antiques, making up stories with the items they found.

Back in the basement, Betty began rummaging through the places she could not reach as a child, places where her mother kept things she did not want to find again.

There, among dusty shoe boxes and old sheets, Betty found a hardcover book, it has already yellowed pages, hidden in the bottom of the last shelf. When she took it in her hands, she noticed a padlock locking it’s pages. She frowned, was it a diary? Alice’s, maybe?

Encouraged by the possible mystery, Betty Cooper wiped the dust off the cover of the journal with her sweater and sprinted back to her room. It was there, between the pillows in her bed, that Betty discovered a story she had never dreamt to exist. A great love story, almost unbelievable.

That was Alice’s diary, and it’s pages were filled with Forsythe Pendleton Jones II.

January 13, 1997

Dear Diary,

I’m so happy I finally got the waitress job at Pop’s, it’s nighttime, so it pays well. It is very comforting to know that I am far from the place I am obliged to call home, but it also means less time with FP. He also works at night on the Twilight Drive on Thursdays and Fridays, and during the afternoon he helps Fred’s parents with the family business. So we’ll only see each other at school, but it will be worth it.

Our dreams are finally becoming true.

We’re going to get out of here. I know it.

May 22, 1997

Dear Diary,

I’m so tired! Working at Pop’s takes all my energy, and I have to work hard to get good grades aswell, without them I’ll never be able to get into the journalism course I desire so much. Hermione says I have to get lighter, but how? I need the damn money. We need.

FP got a scholarship in Notre Dame! He always been too smart for a small town like Riverdale. We’re going together, it’s our chance, but FP is being surrounded by the Serpents again, and I’m afraid he’ll do something wrong.

August 6, 1997

My mother left. She didn’t say goodbye. She left me alone like I was an old disposable furniture. I didn’t cry, I just stood there watching her leave through the night.

She was the last one to leave me, now there is only FP left.

We were both constantly abandoned, but will we one day abandon each other as well?

August 22, 1997

FP and I had a fight because of Hal Cooper.

When will Forsythe realize that I have zero interest in these boys?

FP is my past, my present and also my future.

I love him so much that it hurts in my chest. It is possible to love somebody that much?

September 9, 1997

FP is sleeping by my side, his face looks so much younger when he’s relaxed, not thinking about our problems. His handsomeness leaves me breathless.

I love him.

October 18, 1997

Our fights are constant; FP wants to accept the business with the Serpents. He wants to make a delivery on their behalf and get the money we need to leave Riverdale.

I’m afraid of losing him.

A noise in the front door made Betty Cooper hide the diary under the mattress of her bed, hurriedly, she wiped away the tears streaming down her face and rushed into the bathroom. She tried to calm herself, but her heart was pounding in her chest, the sensation was almost painful. Her mother did not love her father, she loved another man. FP Jones,  Jughead’s father, member of the Southside Serpents, the misfit from the wrong side of the tracks.

Her mother loved a Jones.

The panic attack came without Betty being able to fight it. She slipped to the floor, her body was trembling and her hands were ice cold. She could barely breathe. Her sobbing filled the empty bathroom for until there were no more sounds. She fainted.


When she woke up, Betty was back on her bed with her mom massaging her feet.

“Mom?” -  She asked.

“Honey! Have you had your pills today?“ - Alice asked, approaching Betty and holding her hands.

"Yes.” - Betty lied. “It was just a drop of pressure, I haven’t eaten today.” - She said, sitting up in bed and smiling weakly at Alice.

“Well, I’ll make you a nice lunch, then.” - Alice said, winking at Betty and walking out of the room.

Betty waited for lunch to be ready and forced herself to eat with Alice without asking her about what she had just discovered, she knew that her mother would lie, or even say that Betty was hallucinating. Then, after Alice got back to work, Betty took the diary and put it in her backpack along with her things, grabbed a jacket and went to the construction site on the Drive-In land.

She needed to talk with FP Jones.


“Mr Jones?” The melodious voice of Betty Cooper startled FP at first. He turned to face the girl, who looked paler than usual.

"Hey, Betty.” - He replied, taking off his helmet and walking alongside the girl towards the trailer.

“Can we talk?” - Betty asked, standing in front of FP.

“Is it about Jughead? Look, I… “ - He stopped talking as Betty removed the blue notebook from her backpack and showed him. FP held the material in his hands, overwhelmed.

Of course he remembered that diary. How could he forget, if he was the one that had given it to Alice, twenty years ago.

“Can we talk?”- Betty asked again, getting only a head shake back. FP was still staring at the  blue cover. Twenty years later, but it still seemed like yesterday. Her scent was still there, the glance of her smile and all the memories one day they had shared together.


“You read it?”- FP asked, back in his trailer, sitting in his armchair.

"Just a few parts, the beginning mostly…” - Betty replied, sitting uncomfortably on the couch. “I just need to know what …” before Betty could continue, FP stood up suddenly.

“You didn’t tell this to Jughead, did you?” - FP asked, taking the diary in his hands. Betty shook her head. “Shit, this cannot be happening, so long after…” - FP grunted, his face sinking into his hands, his expression in pure sorrow. Betty felt bad for him.

“I’m sorry; I just need to know the truth.” - Betty was sincere, looking up at FP. They stared at each other for a moment, until, without saying anything, he left the room and returned short after, holding what seemed to be letters.

"If you want to know the story, at least know all parts of it.” - He said, handing the papers to Betty.

“What are these letters?” - Betty asked, picking up a sheet of paper.

“They’re not letters, they’re lyrics … Songs, poems … I don’t know, I was never good with words like your mother, but I tried to say … Explain what it felt like.” - He answered, taking a bottle of whiskey and throwing himself back into the chair, drinking the liquid from the bottle.

“You can keep it. I don’t want it anymore.” - It was the last thing he said before he broke off. Betty was silent, alternating glances between the papers on her lap and her father-in-law. Then she decided it was time to leave and on the way home, unable to help herself, she read one of the sheets.

“Under the diner neon lights

she smiled at me

And for a few seconds

Before everything turned to ashes

The whole world became

A good place to live…”


Hello Again, and Welcome to Week 8 of the Analysis Series!

Today we will be Covering the Warrior Gear, his stats AND passive abilities!

PS: Happy Mothers Day Everyone!


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