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XIII, Pistol

-Here is a game that is not talked about enough. XIII (as in 13) was a Ubisoft shooter based on a Blegian comic book series. It had a comic book look, with it’s cell shaded visuals. Which at the time was still a bit of novelty. 

The game doesn’t have a ton of great reloads, but I do like this pistol reload. Simpe but effective. He actually loads in a magazine and pulls the slide back. It just looks nice. (Also play XIII, it’s cool.)

Confession:  I really hope that Bioware makes mages/magic more interesting in the next game, spells have been getting progressively more dull with each release. Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin, Dragon’s Dogma etc have a far more exciting and diverse spell selection. I really miss the DAO mages which felt like RPG characters rather than FPS guns. ( And I really hope they bring back healers for the next game, Cleric/Priests have been a staple of RPGs back since the original D&D 40 years ago and the previous two Dragon Age games…the folly of balancing magic around multiplayer =\ )

Bullet leaving barrel at 1 million frames per second.

The velocity with which the bullet exits is known as muzzle velocity. It is around 1000 m/s on average. But higher muzzle velocity is also acheivable.

I’ve got the next century of Call of Duty’s lined up. You heard it here first.

2015: Black Ops III
2016: Ghosts 2 (Not that people liked the first)
2017: Advanced Warfare 2
2018: World at War 2
2019: Ghosts 3
2020: Advanced Warfare 3
2021: Trench Ops
2022: Modern Warfare 4
2023: Space Warfare
2024: Korean BBQ
2025: Modern Warfare 5
2026: Space Warfare 2
2027: Space Nazis
2028: Modern Warfare 6
2029: Space Warfare 3
2030: Communist Alien Trench Warfare
2031: Post-Nuclear Warfare
2032: Dimensional Warfare
2033: World at War 3
2034: Post-post-nuclear Warfare
2035: Dimensional Warfare Squared
2036: Black Ops 4
2037: Pre-nuclear-resurgent Warfare
2038: Dimensional Warfare Cubed
2039: Black Ops 5
2040-2049 (World War 3 happened so series hiatus)
2050: Happy Puppy Smile Negotiation
2051: Time Warfare
2052: Black Cops
2053: Modern Apology
2054: Multiverse Warfare
2055: Black Pops
2056: Modern Redemption
2057: Post-existence Warfare
2058: Big Tits
2059: Modern Interior Furnishings
2060: Pre-Natal Warfare
2061: Bad Taters
2062: Modern Independent Woman
2063: Passive Aggressive Warfare
2064: Bad Smells
2065: Melbourne, Australian Warfare
2066: Advanced-stage Wiener Cancer
2067: Boy Scouts
2068: Snowball Warfare
2069: Modern Man-Meat
2070: Black Boy Scouts with Big Tits
2071: Shetland Pony Ops
2072: Civil War 2
2073: Whale Wars
2074: Cola Wars
2075: Console Wars
2076: Indian Wars
2077: Star Wars
2078: Ghosts 4!?
2079: War of the Giant Noses
2080: White Ops
2081: Release Schedule Mandate
2082: Medieval Warfare
2083: White Ops 2
2084: Banshees
2085: Spy Ops
2086: Schoolyard Warfare
2087: Mental Warfare
2088: Dogs and just Dogs
2089: No Single-player this time
2090: Breakfast Wars
2091: Water Wars
2092 - 2101 (Another hiatus due to World War 4)
2102: Modern Warfare 7
2103: World at War Again (Based on the real WW3)
2104: World War 1!?
2105: Slap Wars
2106: Grey Ops
2107: Post-Modern Warfare
2108: Advanced Warfare 4
2109: Grey Ops 2
2110: Modern Welfare
2111: Advanced Warfare 5
2112: Grey Ops 3
2113: Geists
2114: Advanced Warfare 6
2115: Rural Horse Fair

M249 SAW, Half-Life: Opposing Forces

-My favorite big machine gun reloads are the ones where they take some time. The reloading animations where you can go make a sandwhich or play a little Pokemon GO while the weapon finishes reloading. 

This slow reloading speed along with a heavy feel give these bigger guns a real sense of power that other weapons in games don’t achieve. In Opposing Forces, one of my favorite expansions ever made, the M249 feels beefy and powerful. Killing aliens has never been so much fun. Or as loud.