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Yoko Taro’s Game Design Draft - “GUN SOCCER”

GUN SOCCER is one of Yoko Taro’s draft on game designing. He released it to demonstrate how to make a game design line-out and presentation slides. Even though it looks like a joke, this game draft is also a part of Yoko Taro’s Drakengard and NieR world.

The event took place on 2024, filling the gap between Drakengard and NieR’s Old World Information. After the White Chlorination Syndrome spreads on 2004, a series of disease has been discovered endangering human. Creatures called Legion started to appear and try to wipe out the humanity. The battle of Legion and Human occurred for years. And on 2023, the world falls into a financial crisis because of the war and Project Gestalt.

By  2024, conflicts between ethnic and countries start to took place. The United Nations, which look at the situation seriously, proposed a method to resolves conflicts. GUN SOCCER is a survival sport competition combining the concept of Soccer and Gun Shooter (FPS). The proposal carried on by UN, and many countries started to participate. 

Who will survive on this deadly game? What is the UN’s real intention of creating this game? Will this game eventually helps UN on saving the humanity?

Check out more info of the game on the provided Game Design Presentation Slides.

Presented By Yoko Taro on his 2013 workshop

Translated by me

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Was planning on working a lot on animations this weekend, but ended up having to deal with family stuff instead.

Here are some quick test animations I threw together.

Lots of exams and stuff coming up, so progress will continue to be slow until December 5th, but after that I’ll spend all my time on making content for this FPS!

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So given your tags on that photo post is Alfredo going to show up in your writing now? (please say yes i love new boy)

The Fake’s have a shiny new sharpshooter and no one is safe. The LSPD find out about him in the worst possible way, a hailstorm of coverfire from an angle no known member of the FAHC could have managed. Even without the unprecedented display of skill just about every active crew-member is running around on ground level anyway, moving with the utmost faith in their unseen sentry as they sweep down the road. They’re calling out to one another, laughing and joking and audibly teasing their eyes in the sky, as distressingly jovial as always while officers are forced to duck for cover. The sniper is good, better than good, clips three cops in mere moments and leaves the rest scrambling to retreat, all the while avoiding the erratic movements of the crew as they breeze all too easily through their escape. This is bad.

Unseen and unnamed the LSPD have just about nothing to go on when they try to build a file on the new member, don’t even have a name let alone a description beyond a blurry silhouette photographed in a window before the sniper disappeared. There’s some chatter in the city, new guy’s skills are already making waves, but even the police informants don’t have much to go on yet. Apparently he was a gun for hire, a contract the Fake AH Crew decided to keep on indefinitely after they saw him work. People say when he gets his sights on someone they go down, no question. So the LSPD are probably right to worry, probably justified in their harried rush to build a file, though the temporary label they’ve adopted in lieu of an official title is questionable at best. It originated from one officer’s account, the dubious memory of what must have been a misheard comment, a mangled codename, but for now The Sauce is the closest thing they’ve got.

XIII, Pistol

-Here is a game that is not talked about enough. XIII (as in 13) was a Ubisoft shooter based on a Blegian comic book series. It had a comic book look, with it’s cell shaded visuals. Which at the time was still a bit of novelty. 

The game doesn’t have a ton of great reloads, but I do like this pistol reload. Simpe but effective. He actually loads in a magazine and pulls the slide back. It just looks nice. (Also play XIII, it’s cool.)


I always come back to the cast’s reactions to when they found out. 

1. KJ wasn’t surprised
2. Cole was slightly surprised, but thought it made sense
3. Madelaine thought it made sense and tied everything together, and also said it would ruin Cheryl’s life
4. Cami was surprised but had suspected them before
5. Lili said it was a complete surprise
6. Ashleigh said it was a complete surprise (but she’s also not in that episode)

So how could everyone kinda know except Lili and Ashleigh? 

The computer scene in the promo is definitely a video of the murder (see Juggy’s reaction). I don’t think this literally reveals the killer, but I think whoever killed Jason filmed the video to scare people away or get something out of Jason. idk. they killed someone. they are obviously crazy. Since all the kids are there, and they all look equally shocked… except maybe Archie (who looks like Oh) and Betty (who looks slightly guilty or sad) and they are notably the only ones who didn’t cover their mouths in shock. I’ve seen several people say Kevin is the killer/accomplice but I honestly can’t see it. He wasn’t involved much in the last episode, so it wouldn’t flow if he was the star of e12.

Now onto the matter of the gun. Theories are flying that the Alice planted the gun and it was the one she found in Betty’s room. But in the e12 promo you see Alice holding that gun. Unless she has another gun, it is the same one that Betty had. (sidenote: I have seen a theory that says the gun Alice found in Betty’s room is not the same as Grundy’s, which is very interesting. Also the gun found in FP’s trailer doesn’t even look like Grundy’s.) And besides the Coopers, who else do we know has guns? The Blossoms (they had guns when they were looking for Polly)

My money is now on one of the parents, especially the Blossoms. In the new promo, Betty accuses Penelope and Penelope is also dragging Cheryl around, which is very suspicious. My last theory was Clifford, but he isn’t featured in the promo at all. If the promo wasn’t chronological, Polly could have confronted Penelope after they watched the video. 

I found it very weird that Alice told B&V whoever isn’t in this room is a suspect because that is a very big absolute. Sure the she probably trusts Betty and Veronica wasn’t even in Riverdale, but she doesn’t know for sure, for someone who believes it could have been anyone. Alice knows who did it, but I don’t think it was her. 

Betty’s dad is in the promo staring at the murder wall (i think) which is sketchy. Yet I don’t think he has enough plot for him to be the killer- it just wouldn’t flow.

Fred is in the promo threatening Archie which is very sketch. Yet Archie’s reaction to the murder video is not incriminating, not in the way Betty’s reaction is. However it does seem that Fred knows something else, like Alice. (I don’t think Molly Ringwald is the killer at all.)

FP man. I don’t know. He was definitely framed but having Jason’s jacket and then not even being surprised at seeing the gun there, let alone claiming it wasn’t his shows he was almost expecting it. But when V and Archie left the trailer they didn’t even lock it… so maybe Archie at least was expecting someone to go in after them, and the lights in the trailer while they were kissing shows a car was outside… maybe watching them? (Also how tf did they not notice that?) Why was FP ready to leave for Toledo all of a sudden??

The Lodges are suspicious, but I think they would be too obvious. I love Hermione so I don’t want her to be guilty at all. She is in the promo though…

And finally, props to Jughead for saying, “If it wasn’t my dad, who killed Jason Blossom?” in the promo, which is the most obvious question ever.

Questions I need answers to in the finale
  • Where the fuck is Grundy’s gun? Is it the same one Alice was brandishing at Hal?
  • Was FP working for Clifford and did he kidnap Jason and tie him up in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm?
  • Were the drugs FP was peddling actually Cliff’s?
  • WTF did Gladys say to Juggie? (sidenote: I will never forgive her for making him cry!!)
  • Are Kevin and Joaquin reuniting? How did Kevin not know Joaquin was shady when he knew he was part of the Serpents and they were drug dealers?
  • Who the fuck pays someone to do their dirty deeds in a monogrammed bag?
  • Why the fuck could Hal not tell Polly to stop dating Jason because they were distant cousins? If that’s really such a big deal? (Sidenote: It’s not)
  • Did Cheryl and Penny off Cliff? Wtf was that synchronized hand movement pointing Keller to the warehouse? (So creepy)
  • Did Penny know all along that her husband was a drug dealer? Did she suspect he may have killed Jason? Did Cheryl ? Hint: she wasn’t surprised at all when Betty called her
  • How the fuck does Jason resemble Archie? (sidenote: it’d be great if the Andrews clan were related to the Bloopers as well, that’d kill any B/arfchie completely, seeing as this distant cousin thing is still considered incest)
  • Who the fuck filmed the murder? (FP)
  • How the fuck did Cliff Blossom know about the small window he’d have to plant the gun in FPs trailer?  
  • Why the fuck did he torture Jason?
  • How much of FPs confession is true? (I’m guessing the part about freezing the body and then throwing it in the river later is since it was corroborated by Joaquin and also all the scenes we were shown in flashback - Jason meeting him and him torching the car)
  • Wtf are the Blossoms hiding in the east wing?
  • Why the fuck did Cliff have all those wigs? (and I need a better explanation than one for every mood)
  • Who the fuck told Hiram about Fred and Hermione?
  • Who the fuck was Jason supposed to deliver the drugs to?
  • Wtf was Cliff paying Hiram perpetuity for?  
  • So was the ghost of grandpappy Blossom with his throat slit (the one that caused Cliff’s hair to turn prematurely grey) actually the ghost of Grandpappy Cooper, previously Blossom, now Blooper?
  • Does the maple syrup business not exist at all???  
  • Has Juggie been suspended from school? (Fuck you, Weatherbee!)
  • Has someone told Gladys Jones that her husband’s in jail and her son is homeless living on charity in a place where he’s not wanted? 
  • When is FP getting out of jail?
That face

Okay so Joaquin didn’t follow Kevin… even though he’s suppose to be finding out information… Joaquin was happy to see the police there… he showed up late to the dance… later then Veronica and Archie.. did he plant the gun in FPs house? Was that his way of cutting ties with FP? Is he finally done being his bitch? Even if FP didn’t do it.. Who’s to say Joaquin isn’t finally convinced he did? Maybe he’s done hiding evidence for someone he thinks is a murderer…

I’ve got the next century of Call of Duty’s lined up. You heard it here first.

2015: Black Ops III
2016: Ghosts 2 (Not that people liked the first)
2017: Advanced Warfare 2
2018: World at War 2
2019: Ghosts 3
2020: Advanced Warfare 3
2021: Trench Ops
2022: Modern Warfare 4
2023: Space Warfare
2024: Korean BBQ
2025: Modern Warfare 5
2026: Space Warfare 2
2027: Space Nazis
2028: Modern Warfare 6
2029: Space Warfare 3
2030: Communist Alien Trench Warfare
2031: Post-Nuclear Warfare
2032: Dimensional Warfare
2033: World at War 3
2034: Post-post-nuclear Warfare
2035: Dimensional Warfare Squared
2036: Black Ops 4
2037: Pre-nuclear-resurgent Warfare
2038: Dimensional Warfare Cubed
2039: Black Ops 5
2040-2049 (World War 3 happened so series hiatus)
2050: Happy Puppy Smile Negotiation
2051: Time Warfare
2052: Black Cops
2053: Modern Apology
2054: Multiverse Warfare
2055: Black Pops
2056: Modern Redemption
2057: Post-existence Warfare
2058: Big Tits
2059: Modern Interior Furnishings
2060: Pre-Natal Warfare
2061: Bad Taters
2062: Modern Independent Woman
2063: Passive Aggressive Warfare
2064: Bad Smells
2065: Melbourne, Australian Warfare
2066: Advanced-stage Wiener Cancer
2067: Boy Scouts
2068: Snowball Warfare
2069: Modern Man-Meat
2070: Black Boy Scouts with Big Tits
2071: Shetland Pony Ops
2072: Civil War 2
2073: Whale Wars
2074: Cola Wars
2075: Console Wars
2076: Indian Wars
2077: Star Wars
2078: Ghosts 4!?
2079: War of the Giant Noses
2080: White Ops
2081: Release Schedule Mandate
2082: Medieval Warfare
2083: White Ops 2
2084: Banshees
2085: Spy Ops
2086: Schoolyard Warfare
2087: Mental Warfare
2088: Dogs and just Dogs
2089: No Single-player this time
2090: Breakfast Wars
2091: Water Wars
2092 - 2101 (Another hiatus due to World War 4)
2102: Modern Warfare 7
2103: World at War Again (Based on the real WW3)
2104: World War 1!?
2105: Slap Wars
2106: Grey Ops
2107: Post-Modern Warfare
2108: Advanced Warfare 4
2109: Grey Ops 2
2110: Modern Welfare
2111: Advanced Warfare 5
2112: Grey Ops 3
2113: Geists
2114: Advanced Warfare 6
2115: Rural Horse Fair