Forgotten Hope 2.5 - A Video Game Worth Trying

Dear readers, please excuse a brief digression (and plug) for something non-WWI related.

If you’re interested in a historically accurate first-person shooter, this blog cannot recommend enough Forgotten Hope 2, a non-profit mod for Battlefield 2. 

Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War Two multiplayer game with a wider scope than any other.  Up to 100 players can fight on battlefields ranging from North Africa, to Normandy, Greece to the Ardennes, and now, with the recent release of the 2.5 update, on the Eastern Front and in the Continuation War.  Not only can you play as Americans, British, German, or Soviet soldiers,but as Italians, Anzacs, Canadians, and now even the Finnish armed forces, with hundreds of authentic vehicles and weapons, like iconic Tiger Tanks and P-51 Mustangs, but also less well-known items like  the diminutive Vickers tankette, or the Breda 30 machine gun.  The game delivers a fun, unique and historically accurate experience, and it’s what your author prefers to be doing when not writing this blog.  I highly encourage readers to give it a try.

Battlefield 2 is required and can be downloaded here:

Forgotten Hope 2 can be downloaded here:

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Thanks a million for TheDrooganLeader for letting me to use it.

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DOOM - Campaign Trailer.


Diluvian is a very cool Unreal Engine-powered Doom-esque FPS being created by Straitcurrent, with beefy weaponry, deadly enemies, cool retro visuals and a game mechanic that actually makes the game harder each time you die!

Play The Diluvian Alpha Build, Free (Windows)


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