So no doubt quite a few people have heard about Front Porch Step the musician, and what he’s done recently. For those of you who don’t know he’s an acoustic musician, who has sexually harassed and targeted many of his fans- resulting in him being kicked off warped tour because he does not create a safe environment for young female fans.

His name is Jake Mcelfresh, and now he’s trying to sue his girlfriend claiming that she ‘slandered’ him and ruined his reputation- which was his own trashy fault because of his actions against underage girls. She needs money to help get a lawyer to fight against him and his own lawyers, but not only that he is trying to make her pay for all the court costs.

Please at least reblog this, and if any of you can donate because she’s close to getting what she needs to defend herself. Real Friends is amazing for speaking out in this issue, I’ve seen them make many comments on Front Porch Step and how he’s not created the safe, much needed escape for fans looking to music to help/comfort them. please donate/reblog to stand against this man

I really hope this gets notes, please stand up for this woman and all the girls he’s harassed- we need to stand up for our fellow gals.


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