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Fpodbpod - Lady Nite

Don’t ask me how to say this San Fran project’s name. It doesn’t really matter anyhow. You just need to sway your hips. But you start by boogieing by yourself in the middle of the dance floor, diverting your “sexy eyes” to that attractive girl/boy chillin’ on the side using the most sultry moves you got to sway them out as the overhead lights match your moves as though the two of you were dancing.

Stream more on his sncld.


this is a video i made about a year ago for “i can see the birds,” a song i wrote, performed and recorded as fpodbpod

the animation stills were all taken by and starring myself on photobooth and the animation was assembled using only iMovie… as well, the song was recorded using limited recording equipment in a room which is about 10'x7’ wide, 5'6" tall (i’m 6’), and only accessible by ladder…

i really enjoy the challenge of creating complex works of art in seemingly inhibiting environments and with skeletal resources… those kinds of circumstances can really bring out the best of creativity and innovation…