[2/9] flashpoint characters +what they taught me: → ed lane: showed me that it’s okay to not be okay, and that sometimes, you have to let out all your pain. he showed me that in order to be brave, you’ve got to let your feelings out and stop telling everyone “you’re fine”, when you’re not. he taught me how to care for my family and friends and to never give up when things get difficult.

[4/9] flashpoint characters +what they taught me: → sam braddock: taught me that being the tough guy isn’t easy, and sometimes, you’ve got to let your guard down. he taught me to never give up on the people i love, even if  it seems like it’ll never work out. he taught me that bad things are going to happen in our past, but we’ve got to go on. we can’t hold onto it forever.

[5/9] flashpoint characters +what they taught me jules callaghan: taught me how to be strong when it feels like you’re weak. she taught me how to be fierce and kick major butt, even if i’m the smallest one around. she taught me that- even though i’m a girl, and i’m young, i’m not weak. she taught me to survive hard things in life; cause not everything is gonna be easy. she showed me what love was, and that you should never give up on it.