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final thoughts on "deliverance"

u kno what PAINS me about this episode?

it could’ve actually been REALLY good.

even if they did the sexist ass trope of demon baby they could’ve flipped it—they could’ve given katrina more to worry about outside of her womb. she and ichabod should’ve show concern for abbie, regret for their actions resulting in putting abbie in danger, APOLOGIZED to abbie, THANKED abbie, stood BY HER SIDE even against their son—who they kno jack shit about anyway.

no but really tho—biology doesnt automatically grant parenthood. both katrina and ichabod need to be seen sincerely considering that fact. moloch is henry’s father, lbr. WHAT DOES ONE DO WITH A SON OF MOLOCH?

but u want to kno what KILLED me? what put the knife in my heart?

abbie being “outvoted” by katrina and ichabod.

black women—u kno how often we feel like NO ONE is on our side? no respect from black men and constantly having to force white women to see us as HUMAN and deserving of the same rights they take for granted every damn day? and in an episode about voting in one fell swoop abbie is overruled by two white ppl who have little to no concern for her well-being. it doesnt even REGISTER or OCCUR to them that the ONE person taking the MOST risk is ABBIE. she makes a plea and she is IGNORED.

in that scene—NO ONE is on her side! she is left floating in the middle of the pile of shit the cranes keep producing. in that moment the show has stripped her of the witness partnership (crane) while erasing her familial ties (jenny) from the story. WHO could she have turned to in that moment? WHO?

and then we had to watch her concede and ACCEPT that bullshit and single handedly save the day without ONCE being thanked…like…ichabod is supposed to be a guaranteed support system but he was so ABSENT this episode–and has been for most of the season.

i want them to separate. i WANT an ichabbie break-up. i want abbie to walk right the fuck out of ichabod’s life, join up with jenny, and continue the mission without him. his love life is not her problem—the apocalypse is.

and quite frankly that will create more tension and character development than the white male fantasy of not daniel henney coming between the mills sisters any day of the fucking week.