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I Will Show You - FP Jones | Riverdale

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Pairing: FP Jones x Female!Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warning: Mentions of sexual content & Daddy!kink, huge age difference

Word count: 1091


The puddle of water reflected the lights of Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe. It was almost 11 PM but the dinner was still filled with people. A girl, around the age of seventeen, sat in a red Jeep. Loud music was playing while she scrolled through her phone. It was clear to everyone that she was waiting for someone. This, someone, was FP Jones, the fearless leader of the Southside Serpents. The Serpents lived on the south side of Riverdale and were feared by the north, west and east. They were especially known for drugs, alcohol, and stealing. The girl was born and raised as a Serpent. At some point, her parents began to care less and she began to hang out with Joaquin and he was the reason, how she met FP.

Right now, she was waiting for him. She only went with him because he promised her some food, which she probably won’t get. After all, an invisible rule said that the Serpents were actually not allowed in the other parts of Riverdale. The only thing she knew about his business was that it was with someone called Lodge. The girl moved her eyes to the nearest cars; Cheryl Blossom’s Car. She was the queen bee of Riverdale High, and the youngest and now only child of the Blossom Family.

Just because she had the money, the red-haired witch thought she could rule Riverdale, mostly the whole world. Before she could drift even more into her thoughts, the door of the driver side opened. FP had an angry look on his face while fastening his seat belts. The girl looked concerned and reached out for his hand. The older man moved his face to look at her, and his eyes soften. “Everything okay?” she asked him while he wiped the sweat away from his forehead. “Yeah, nothing your pretty head has to worry about,” he told her with a wink. The teenager girl was about to answer when she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. A waitress was staring at them, with a deathly glare. FP touched her shoulder which caused the girl to look at him again. He caressed her cheek and moved towards to kiss her.

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I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?

cant believe fred andrews is gonna roll up, bail jughead out of jail, throw his dads ass down in the street, sign the custody of child papers, take everyone to pops for dinner, pay off jughead’s tab at pops, build jughead a bed, dresser and desk for their spare room with his own hands in the driveway, open a college fund for jughead, drive to bring his mom and jellybean home safety, make jughead a gourmet 5 course meal and buy him a dog 

Dating FP Jones would include...

Inspired by a request. The real request will be out soon!!    Masterlist 

Sleeping in late with lazy days

  • There was some day where FP didn’t want to face the world. He found no more comfort than being beside you all day cuddled into you knowing for the first time you aren’t going anywhere and he wouldn’t be left alone.

Reassurance kisses

  • FP had been through a lot. You knew that the most so you did what you could to keep him himself and if that meant reassuring him you would do it in any way possible. You would often, normally in private, give him sweeter, softer kisses letting him know you would always be there.

Looking at each other from across the room with him always looking at you

  • There was no doubt in any ones mind that FP liked the look of you and he would make it known by almost never taking his eyes off of you when ever you were around him, and especially when others were around. 

Make out sessions and PDA

  • At the end of almost every night at the Whyte Wyrm ended up with you, pushed up against the wall outside or on he couch of his trailer, with his tongue down your throat and his hands placed firmly on your waist, yours firmly planted in his back pockets. Even when you weren’t completely infatuated with each other he would have his hands on you in some way or have his arm wrapped around you.

Lots of mind blowing sex

  • Lets admit it to ourselves now. FP Jones is a sex god! You had never been with anyone better, and you never would be again. He could be passionate but the best was when he was rough with you knowing just how to take care of you and get everything right to leave you a moaning mess beneath him and make you blissfully ache the day after. 

Putting your head on his chest and similarly, putting his head in your lap

  • Even you needed the reassurance sometimes. On some nights, you would give him the puppy dog eyes and he would never be able to refuse you and so you would stay in instead of going out. You would just cuddle on the couch with some pointless show on that neither of you were paying attention to and just talk, his hand running through your hair or yours through his as you spoke your mind.

Waking up In his arms

  • There was always a fear in FP’s mind that one morning he will wake up and you wont be there like so many before you. The joy and relief he got when he found you, still in his arms wearing nothing but one of his flannels and your hair fanning around you as you continued to sleep or, waking to find you not there but making breakfast in his tiny kitchen, still in very little clothing.

Always worrying about you and being so protective of you

  • He was a serpent. There was no guaranteeing your safety with some of the things he and some of the others had to do. He hated not being able to provide safety for you but he tried his damned hardest to do what he could, even if it wasn’t much. You appreciated it of course, how he was willing to try and change for you and for Jughead, but you wished he wouldn’t be so concerned you could look after yourself but you did like it when he became a little protective, pulling you into his side in public.

Getting jealous easily

  • You were constantly around his men and rarely around women that weren’t serpents so you could see how FP became jealous very, very quickly. It would be funny to watch him become jealous as he became possessive of you and you often did it to wind him up a little but it could turn a little dangerous. It was known that FP had a temper and could easily turn nasty with some of the men that really pushed the boundaries.  You have more than once had to pull him away from almost beating someone to death.

Being afraid of hurting you

  • He could turn nasty, indeed. And one of his biggest fears was turning against you without even realising. You would never come to find out how big this fear of his was but it was there and it was huge, you two would argue and sometimes quite badly but never, ever would he take it out on you even if it meant him sleeping in the bar and you at the trailer, he would walk out in fear of lashing out at you. He had even cut down on drinking around you in the pure fear for hurting you and not even remembering.

Only being sweet and gentle to you

  • He is scared of hurting you so his only manner to you would be kind and gentle. Ever since he once truly lost it in front of you and he saw the small fear in your eyes. Since then, he would be the most gentle to you, soft caresses when he was tucking your hair behind your ear, kisses on the forehead before he went anywhere letting his lips linger at your hairline for a moment and gentle hand holding.

FP Jones could be rough with you, leaving the sweetest bruises along your neck or your waist but his heart was big, and it was all for you.

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we all know the “clearly they hate me” thing with bpd but can we talk about “clearly they’re dead” thing because it’s such a horrible feeling when you’re sat there, heart racing, already starting to grieve because you fully believe that they might have died and then they respond and you have to pretend like you weren’t just mentally attending their funeral

I Will Show You Part 2 - FP Jones | Riverdale

Hey, after so many requested the second part. Here is it! I have to admit that’s the first text I have ever written, which contained sexual content. So, I am sorry because I am also a virgin. I hope you will like it! ♥

Pairing: FP Jones x Female!Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warning: Sexual content, huge age gap, and green-eyed monster

Word count: 1357


After a quiet moment, she felt his tongue on her folds. Y/N threw her head back and moaned his name. His smirk grew and he moved closer.

She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and pulled him closer.  Her hands tightened a grip in his hair, while she felt the pleasure in her whole body. FP just continued to eat her out and tried to ignore the throbbing feeling, down in his pants. It felt like the pants tightened around him and cut off the blood supply. The Serpent didn’t know, how long he was going to last.

Y/N was on the verge of reaching her climax, but FP pulled away abruptly. The sudden loss of the pleasure feeling caused the teenager to groan. The man loved to tease her, especially to show her, how long the night was going to be. FP moved upwards again and moved his hands to her bra. With one move, he removed the last piece of clothing. Y/N moved her hand over the bulge and pulled the zipper of his jeans down.  FP let go and began to help her with the easy task. Once his remaining clothing was gone, he placed his member over her entrance. He began to tease her with his tip and leaned down to kiss her.

With one swift move, he entered her and both of them began to groan. Her legs returned to his waist and her hands in his hair. The man tugged on her lips, asking for entrance. Their hips began to move faster and Y/N began to scratch his back, leaving red marks. This action caused FP to growl and move faster. He trailed kisses down her neck, leaving purple bruises and salvia.

Both of them rode out their high and breathed heavily. Y/N snuggled into his chest and FP kept an arm around her. They stayed like this until they fell asleep.

Y/N was the first one to wake up. She turned away from FP’s body and looked at the clock on the wall. 10:38 AM. Tonight would be the last show in the drive-in cinema. She and Joaquin would meet up later because FP had to meet up with this Lodge-Lady again. Y/N would not admit it, but she was quite jealous. Okay, it was more than just a bit because she wanted to hit the woman.

She moved her head towards FP and admired. FP always looked stressed while he was awake. There was a lot of responsibility as the leader of the Southside Serpents. Once he fell asleep, the frown vanished and was replaced by a peaceful look. In a matter of seconds, she got an idea and moved below the blanket. Both of them were still naked from last night so he wouldn’t wake up from something else but pleasure. One hand began to caress the length and Y/N moved forward to take him in. FP began to stir and let out a noise. The girl began to move her tongue around him.  FP was awakened by the sudden movements and pleasure. Without thinking, he gripped her hair and pulled her closer.

After FP reached his climax, Y/N moved next to him and back in his arms. The man began to caress her arm and just stared down at her. It was not the first time she had done it, but she had never done it to wake him up. He also could see a worried glimpse on her face. “Okay, what is wrong? I can see something is bothering you.” She just shrugged her shoulders and sat up. He stopped her from standing up and tugged her back. His hand moved a strand of her hair behind her ear. She moved her head against his chest and mumbled something. Usual, Y/N would tell him, what’s on her mind. The concern in his chest began to grow. FP wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to his chest. Out of nowhere, the teenager began to sob. The Serpent sat there and just hold her. He had children, but he could not remember the last hug with one of them.

The girl stopped sobbing and looked away from FP. You could see that she was clearly embarrassed by her break down. “I am sorry,” she whispered. FP kept his arm around her, “There is nothing you have to be sorry about. Baby, tell what is wrong?” Y/N looked down at her hands, “Do I have to be afraid?” A familiar frown began to form on his face, “Afraid of what?”

“That you will start something with this Lodge,” she told him in a quiet voice. Her cheeks began to heat up and she didn’t move her eyes away from her hands. FP had to bite back a laugh. Not because she was being hilarious, but of the thought of doing something with Hiram Lodge’s wife. His hands reached for her head and moved her back to his chest. “That’s not going to happen, even if you want me to. I have a deal with her husband, but he is in jail. I love you Y/N and no one can change that. You are important to me and I would do everything for you.” A small smile began to form on her lips, “That’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to me.” The Serpent laughed and smiled down at her, “And I will keep saying it.”

Later that night, the couple was at the drive-in. They may not sit next to each other but kept stealing glances. The Southside Serpents had been making loud noises since the movie started. You could clearly see that people were giving them dirty eyes. Y/N was sitting right next to Joaquin and kept stealing from his popcorn. Suddenly, the Sheriff’s son stuck out his head from the side of his car and “Psht” them. Everyone went silent for a moment and then throw popcorn in his direction. From the side, Y/N could see that Joaquin was staring at him. The boys kept glancing at each other until the son turned around. Just a few seconds later, a girl with black hair stood up. “Hey! You know what happens to a snake when a Louboutin heel steps on it? Shut the hell up, or you will find out.” The Serpents felt in permanent silence but the crowd began to cheer. The girl bowed and sat down again.

Y/N rolled her eyes and turned to Joaquin, “This was more entertaining as the whole movie so far,” and stole more popcorn. The teenager turned around to also steal another glance of FP but saw how he sneaked away with the lady. Her eyes didn’t leave the spot, until the same girl who threatened the Serpents a few minutes ago, followed them. She was about to tell Joaquin that she will leave for a few minutes when she saw him following the boy. Y/N literally jumped out of her chair and followed the girl. At the time, she arrived, the girl was about to go. “Can I help you?” Y/N asked with crossed arms. The question caused the girl to jump and turn around. Her eyes grew with fear, “I-I lost my earring. Yes, my earring.” The Y/H/C began to smirk, knowing she was lying. “I will tell you if I find it.” The raven-haired girl nodded quickly and walked away. Y/N knew she was keeping looking back at her while going. She was about to go as well when FP came out of his hiding.

The lady followed him out and jumped, just like the younger girl a few seconds ago. The waitress mumbled something and left. FP moved towards Y/N and greeted her with a kiss. “Checking up that she is not throwing herself at me?” Y/N chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Checking up that you are not getting in trouble,” and with that their lips met.

If you want the next episode as a part, tell me!



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Jughead: hey, I talked to mom. She got a job at a call center to pay for her online classes. I guess she’s finally going after her GED. Jellybean is helping her study. By the way, Jellybean wants to go with JB now. She thinks it sounds cooler. She’s 10 years old and listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl. I don’t think she could get any cooler–

FP: *falls asleep*

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