fp list


Alright so I had a theory and tested it, and I think I’m spot on so far.

Klaus and Nadi liked the black glasses, and black is the color they like for wrapping gifts so I made yellow glasses and spoke to Raeger (one of his colors is yellow) and he loved them.

Thus if you craft items in the colors bachelors/bachelorette like most they’ll comment on them! In older games they got additional FP/LP

Here’s a list of the colors:

Raeger: Yellow/Red
Fritz: Green/Orange
Klaus: Black/Blue
Nadi: Black/Green
Kamil: Blue/White
Mistel: White/Purple

Agate: Orange/Red
Angela: Blue/White
Elise: Gold/Pink/Red (ooh! She has three!)
Iris: Black/Purple
Licorice: Green/Blue
Lillie: Red/Yellow

Hope it helps! I’m not sure if the same works for outfits or not.