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Pretty stoked that Skeet’s being upped to Series Regular like Kevin! Which means we’re gonna get to see more of Daddy Jones and hopefully more interactions with Betty and Jughead <33 plus they’ll probably explore more of the parent’s history, especially with Alice, FP, Fred and Hermione ~ five months to Season 2 

What You Take Of His - Riverdale Preference

So a few little innuendos but nothing too much and Serpent!Jughead with a little possessiveness. Requests are open Guys!


After Juggie became a serpent, he became more confident especially with you and you loved it. He was a little more possessive over you which meant your more frequent visits to the bar with him as you were a south born yourself, with his jacket around you and his arm on your waist tightly.


Now although it was the most cliché thing to give you as a footballers girlfriend but he loved letting you wear it and you loved wearing it as it always smelled of him and it let everyone at school, especially some certain footballers. Archie would often walk up behind you and drape it over your shoulders, adoring the sight of you basically drowning in his varsity jacket (and loving it even more when after a long night it was the only think you were wearing).


You liked teasing Reggie to no means. You were the only one who could get away with it without too much trouble and the only trouble you did get in was the mischievous kind with tickles or other home activities. You were a lot shorter than Reggie but you always, always found a way to pull his snapback from his head - whether that be by jumping or an occasional boost off of Moose, you always managed to end the school day with it on your head instead and him smiling down at you, secretly loving it (even if it did mess up his hair)


FP loved his flannels but you seemed to love them more. You had borrowed one in the event of not being able to find your own clothes and decided to keep it. It was a few more weeks before he realized at almost half his closet was gone and more and more of your clothes seemed to have been amounting up from nights. He didn’t mind too much of course (obviously you gave some back) but he would happily parade you around the bar in his clothes, showing you were his and you were his second in command.

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Okay but I'm honestly gonna fall apart when Kevin finds out the truth of Joaquin being with him...
FP living for the tension between Alice and Hal and is ready to snatch his girl back...
Ok but how is FP going to react to his boyfriend getting shot and he can't do anything about it because he's in jail...

It’s a Family affair! The best part of Riverdale is seeing how the cast get along so well with each other off and on the set, the teens and their parentals, the sisters with their siblings! Love how Hart Denton (Chic) is already familial with Tiera (Polly) and then there’s Skeet (F.P) with Cole (Jughead) on their biker adventures and Martin (Sheriff Keller) with Casey (Kevin) <33. Just two days to go~