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Types Of FPs

Type 1: The Main FP™. You know the one, the light of your life. Usually a friend, s/o, crush, etc.

Type 2: the celebrity/fictional fp. You’re obsessed with them, have seen every show/movie/video and/or read every book. It’s not uncommon for one to not know everything about them and then split when they become problematic/do something unlikable

Type 3: the lowkey (potential) fp. For me usually somebody I follow on tumblr, but could be anybody you barely know but still idolize, just not to the point of obsession & undying love. They tend to switch around a lot, too.


Jump Base Values of the top competitors at 4CC! (Shoma’s, Boyang’s and Nathan’s are updated on the right of their pics)

So the quadmadness gives them these Base Values if performed clean.

According to the base values following FP standings:
1. Boyang Jin BS 95.18
2. Nathan Chen BS 91.96
3. Shoma Uno BS 89.04
4. Yuzuru Hanyu BS 87.53
5. Patrick Chan BS 77.16

(But remember GOEs and PCS are also an important part of the scoring and last but not least, only Nathan Chen completed his layout clean once at his Nationals. Everyone else has not been able to hit those layouts before. Changes after the GPF were only made by the sQUAD.)

Hopefully all the madness does not end in endless failing quad attempts.



for creating the base value pictures. (the link here: https://twitter.com/magicaleggrolls/status/831664024614006785)

Prince Phichit has graced us with his presence yet again, and it didn’t disappoint me one bit. even though it’s almost a week late, I still want to share these with you guys hgnnnnn

I bring you another 8 majestic frames of Prince Phichit (FP ver.)

Frame 1. addressing his majesty’s followers to the right

Frame 2. in the center 

Frame 3. to the left  

Frame 4. *whispers sexily* lend me your ears~  

Frame 5. I can show you the worrrrrrld~  

Frame 6. shining, shimmering, like my costuuuume~

Frame 7. ahhh I don’t understand. I can’t even see his whole face but this is so sexy ;A;

Frame 8. that jawlinnnnne!! 

Do you ever get that feeling of suddenly being REALLY inspired just by listening to a certain song? Because that’s exactly what happened to me as I drew this. I really want to continue with this and visualize the whole song I heard, but I have way too many projects ongoing at the moment (as usual). Hopefully I’ll get back to this and finish it, because I’m pretty sure you’d like to see the story behind it ;)

Now let me return to my other duties xD

6 frames; 1 fps

I don’t get why Caitlin turns into Killer Frost when she uses the ice powers. Why does she suddenly turn evil? KF was an Earth 2 thing, not a Flashpoint thing, so in the post-FP Earth 1, she should have had the powers a while, so she should be able to control them. I don’t think the CW did a good job of explaining this.
—  Anonymous

will solace having bpd and nico di angelo being will solace’s fp headcanons:

1) at first, nico has noooo idea what any of this means and is kind of alarmed by will’s behavior sometimes

2) will explains it all, tries to find a way to explain bpd in a way that doesnt make him feel awful but he just CANT

3) nico doesnt judge him, though - hes much less upset and concerned now that he has answers. he asks how he can help support will and make it easier

4) nico starting to show more affection towards will because even though hes still a bit uncomfortable with it, he knows that will needs it, and it ends up helping him accept his own needs for affection

5) nico being there for will whenever possible, always counteracting his negative thoughts with his own opinions towards will (which, even when negative, still pulls will back into reality and helps him pull himself through the situation and the big feelings)

6) nico reassuring will constantly that, yes, its okay to feel that, and yes, we’re okay, and no, i wont leave you, and yes, ill tell you if i want to and no, you arent manipulating me and yes, i really do love you and yes, its okay to ask if i love you when you need to be reminded

7) nico being a really wonderful and supportive boyfriend and will crying tears of happiness because hes so lucky to have a man that tries and wants to keep trying even if they both mess up sometimes


We teamed up with M1 Condromeda galaxy to play Battlefield 1 with him, and it’s a fucking rad game. Check out some of this gameplay of Connor being really MLG.