I am such an embarrassment

So today in school we had to go onto a website, make an account, and print off some activities we completed. While making the account I tried to amuse myself and I created the most ebmbarrassing username


Doesn’t sound bad… Until you realize that is not my name and that is a video game character that no one knows of and is quiet literally an example of how much of a slut I am to obsessing over the stupidest things.

I mean all ways fine though because it’s my username! No one is going to judge me. I’m just using this website onetime and leaving. Print off papers and go. Everything was fine till our teacher started to hand out papers.

“Josh, Katie,” she called out and handed back papers. Then she stopped. She squinted. She took a breath and hesitantly said. “Apollo Justice?” I foze. I had fucked up my life.

“T-that’s mine,” I stutter in embarrassment. Everyone turns to look at me. They know. They know I’m such a weeb. They found out my secret. They discovered my true form. I take my paper and sit down, feeling the shame, as I open up my phone to a fanfic I’ve been reading. Utter shame.