here’s my gift exchange for @ninyard , i hope you like it <3 (these are,,,random kandreil hcs set in the pjo verse pls bear with me)

  • so i think we all can agree on the fact that neil is a child of Hermes, the god of messengers, roads, travelers and thieves (he’s also described as cunning, witty and quick)
  • in this au neil def takes after his dad; he loves to outsmart his opponents, is the fastest demigod in camp half blood n has,of course, a smart mouth aka he can never shut the fuck up n gets into trouble 24/7 and poor andrew has to deal it all the damn time
  • but we all know that andrew lovehates neils ability to twist andrews words around and use them to win arguments lmao

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anonymous asked:

Scully likes that spooky ass ;)

There were very few things Scully dreaded more than quarterly progress reports. She’d been partnered with Mulder for nearly a year and had only been forced to sit through two of them but they each were embarrassing and annoying. 
Mulder would get up and present their case and it would go sour. He claimed that it was better now that he had her reports along side his but he was still openly ridiculed. They were openly ridiculed. 
So as Scully got ready for her third progress report with the X files she took a moment in the break room to go over their most recent cases again. 
“I know, I know! He’s crazy! But god couldn’t you just eat off his body…” 
Scully heard the voice of Agent Liz Boman followed by the laugh of her partner Agent Leslie Foye. 
“I know what you’re saying. That spooky ass won’t quit.” Foye said back playfully. 
It was then Scully realized they were talking about her partner. The women hadn’t seen her yet and she turned her back to them in an attempt to hide her identity. 
“You think Dana’s seen it? They travel an awful lot… I heard a couple weeks ago that they were in quarantine somewhere in Washington state.” 
“That’s a lot of time to catch a glimpse.” 
Scully felt her face grow warm. She had indeed seen a lot of Mulder during their time in isolation and she had liked what she saw. There was very little privacy and Mulder was like a bored toddler when he couldn’t move freely. 
She recalled the long boring afternoons that led into restless evenings. On the third evening Mulder kissed her. It was a shock but she didn’t hesitate to kiss back. One thing led to another and they ended up having sex nearly every night of quarantine. Both agreed that it was not something they would do once they got home and in the week they’d been back they had kept to that agreement. They had made an unspoken rule of trying to not stand so close or spend so much time alone.
Scully closed her eyes and imagined his strong slim body, with his tight ass and impressive cock. 
The women were right, he did have a nice ass. 
In her moment of distraction she accidentally tried to set her coffee down on air instead of the counter and ended up spilling coffee down the front of her green pantsuit. 
“Dammit…” She grumbled and when she went to reach for some paper towels she noticed the two women staring at her and had the grace to look embarrassed. 
Scully cleaned herself up and squared her shoulders in an attempt to regain her composure. 
Before she left the room she turned to the women who were still watching her.
In a moment of boldness she left them with a final thought, “His ass is actually more stunning than spooky.”
She left with a smile to go find her partner. Maybe they could break their rule just this once.
The one definitive hairstyle seen at this year's Met Gala

02 May 2017

The one definitive hairstyle seen at this year’s Met Gala  

Bobs and choppy crops have been a popular hairstyle in the A-list circle for the past few years. However, at this year’s Met Gala there was an unprecedented amount of bobs. Karlie Kloss unveiled her shorter crop for the red carpet. Hair stylist Frankie Foye was the woman behind Karlie’s striking new look, giving it an asymmetric structure to emphasise the model’s cheekbones.

Here are more shorter hairstyles to inspire you to take the chop…

Few would be brave enough to go short and platinum in one go, but Taylor Swift was and she nailed the look.


I kind of love myself

I just got my wisdom teeth out at 8 am this morning. There were only two things I said that I have no recollection of:

One: I thanked my doctor for doing my surgery.

Two: I had brought my Band of Brothers book along to read in the waiting room to calm my nerves. My dad and doc were talking about it, and in conversation, mentioned Joe Toye. My dad accidentally called him “Joe Foye.”

In my heavily sedated, gauze-filled state, I all but shouted “IT’S JOE TOYE!”

I am very proud of myself.

I feel like @aces-low should also be very proud of me 😂 the Ol’ Joe Toye protection squad

lofficielmanila: L'OFFICIEL MANILA N°16
November 2016

Margaret Zhang @margaret__zhang shoots this month’s cover girl Karlie Kloss @karliekloss exclusively for L’officiel Manila, highlighting all the Aussie designers you ought to know. Three contemporary fashion brands show us a world #PostVetements . Rafe Totengco @rafe_totengco of @rafenewyork talks to Noel Manapat @noelmanapat about his bittersweet return to Manila. James Reyes @jamesvreyes waxes poetic about his career jump from fashion to theater arts and why history books are as relevant as pop culture. Three young chefs based in LA bring “local” cuisine to a foreign plate and capture an entirely new market along the way.

And more — all in our Culture Issue.

Photography and styling by Margaret Zhang @margaret__zhang
Fashion by Michael Lo Sordo @michaellosordo, Off-White @off____white, and Swarovski @swarovski
Makeup by Quinn Murphy @quinnmurphy1
Hair by Frankie Foye @frankiefoye


“She (Behati) suggested a messy ponytail to go with the red Dior dress. I thought it was a great idea. But I wanted it to be really special. I incorporated braids, and Adam actually really likes braids, so he was loving it.” - Frankie Foye (hairstylist)

Yeah, I can clearly see that he was loving it! ☺️😉

kate-r  asked:

As a Filipino, do you think that we should forget the brutalities committed by the Japanese and the Americans during the liberation of Manila in 1945?

Forgive, yes. But forget? To forget is a disservice to those who were victims of the war. We must remember that the Battle of Manila was waged not only in the city plazas but also in residential areas across the metro, in homes. Families were helplessly slaughtered. Many died of starvation. It is thus a warning to those people  today who would call for an “all-out war” on a region they barely know. Let me quote Eliezer Wiesel: “To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.”

We should never forget. History is replete with rich lessons, of honor and bravery, in the backdrop of human depravity. History balances us, makes us wary of extremist ideas and makes us remember our own mistakes, and our own loss, and confronts us with the truth that we are flawed in every way. It is hard to forgive. But it is a grave error to forget. I remember this quote from El Terror Amarillo en Filipinas:

“You can forgive, but not forget, because to forget would not mean justice, or the spirit of preservation, or dignity. You forgive, knowing full well that you are forgiving what is humanly unforgivable.” - Ernesto Foye

We Filipinos have this certain historical amnesia on certain things. Wounds heal when we remember and accept truth.