This is Malachi!!<3 for some reason I don’t have a pic of her and her sister from another mister! Gah going to have myself a rattie picture day tomorrow *hopefully*!! [Also this was a while ago when my hair was sexeh!]

Her name is Malachi as in the crazy ginger from Children of the Corn!! I freaking love her and my other rat Peaches. I got Malachi from PetCo but I 99.99% would NOT recommend that for various reasons and I rescued Peaches from a girl who worked at PetSmart and had recieved her from a random customer who had surrendered Peaches to the store… Feeling bad this girl decided to put an add out and I luckily got to have her, free of charge. Malachi is a few months away from being a year old and Peaches is a few months from being 2 years [All old lady!!].

I love my rats so much and I’m so lucky to have these two lovely ladies in my room [even though they fight like an old married couple haha]