As my friend Lydia (lydiagems) goes to Leeds this weekend, she decided to give me my birthday presents and card early..
Yes, she photoshopped Brian’s heads onto some party peeps.
Yes, we are Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain.

This’ll be hard to top.

We’ve officially got a post to 100 notes!

This is really exciting for me as this was original content and original humour and it shows people like it! Thank you for making me feel like this blog is some-what successful in it’s aims - to bring the love of Brian, science and good humour to the wider community.

-Olivia & Jess, the admins

I apologise the blog isn’t updated very much at the moment. 
I have plenty excuses lined up I just can’t be assed writing them all down.
Mainly though, Brian’s busying himself away doing a new documentary so there’s not much to post other than things from his twitter and old pictures which is a bit sucky.
Just lay patient my friends, our time is nearly here!