I can’t comprehend how furious I get when people post my original posts as their own with no prior credit or even asking to do so.

It doesn’t take too much effort to pop a question in my ask, or even say ‘credit to Foxyc0xy’ but no you don’t make that effort.
How would you like it?
You wouldn’t, would you?

I could name specific blogs, even show evidence, but I feel that’s a little too much for the moment.

So please, if you are a fellow Brian blog and you know all the stuff I POST (not reblog) is originally my own creations,


It’s just unfair more than anything.
I put the time and effort in and all you do is save it and repost it.
How hard is it to respect and reblog?

Okay, rant over.

Activity notice

Basically, me and Jess (the moderators) are pretty busy this summer doing our Nuffield Science placements at the University of Liverpool in Physics (Oh we do brag) and we won’t be able to post quite so (or not so) regularly as we have done in the past.

We’ll try to keep this updated and we might just tell you about what we’re doing and how its all going. I’ll queue some stuff when I can so all my beauties, our little followers get their fill.

Basically, soz aba us

We’re physicising, yo!

We’ve officially got a post to 100 notes!

This is really exciting for me as this was original content and original humour and it shows people like it! Thank you for making me feel like this blog is some-what successful in it’s aims - to bring the love of Brian, science and good humour to the wider community.

-Olivia & Jess, the admins

I apologise the blog isn’t updated very much at the moment. 
I have plenty excuses lined up I just can’t be assed writing them all down.
Mainly though, Brian’s busying himself away doing a new documentary so there’s not much to post other than things from his twitter and old pictures which is a bit sucky.
Just lay patient my friends, our time is nearly here!