foxy the fox


                “Batim and Fnaf in: a nightmare???”

oooohh it seems that an individual is not welcome in Bendy’s room

I just wanted to do that, it’s an opportunity to make them together ♥

fhghgjfjdh yay Alice


                    “FNAF in: Ultimate Custom Night”

hohohoho Freddy and his band in my art style toon version. I just wanted to do that, fnaf ultimate custom night is FANTASTICO fhghgjs i’m not used to doing fnaf i hope you like ♥

Five nights at freddy’s © Scott Cawthon

Draw @fnafmangl

holy heck this took 6 and a half hours but im pretty happy with it!!!! even tho im late

day 14 - remnant

the concept of this is a lil wild idk what i had in mind ? idk foxy’s child’s spirit is immortal and will keep him alive forever, the wires around their necks are to symbolize being tied together (that part is obvious). he cant leave the animatronic body he’s trapped in . that was the idea but I might’ve messed it up a bit lol

i see remnant as like ,, soul juice. blue and cyan. yeah