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@foxy-voxy replied to So I have just discovered…:  I treasure friends who give good prompt. I tend to work better from other people’s prompts, too.

You know, I was feeling pretty stupid and whiny for posting that last night, but now I’m really glad I did.  Getting to hear about how others come by their inspiration is making me feel less alone and fail-riffic. ^_^  Thank you, foxy! *hugs*

I’ll have to look into this more, I guess.  I know big-time writers like Neil Gaiman answer questions all the time about where they get their ideas, but somehow it hadn’t ever really occurred to me as an element of writing that I might be able to find advice on and work to improve.  But knowing that I’m not the only one who works this way makes me feel SO much better.

Anybody else who wants to share how their inspo engine works, PLEASE DO. 

Okay so I just hit 200 followers and thought I’d celebrate it with a follow forever!

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