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Fandom Loves Puerto Rico - Indexed Creator List!

So if you were intimidated by hearing that we have over THREE HUNDRED CREATORS signed up for the Fandom Loves Puerto Rico auction, WORRY NO MORE. I’m actually Amy Santiago in disguise and I love spreadsheets, so I put together something awesome for you, yes you: An indexed creator list, broken down by type of offering and fandom!  


The last thing we want is for anyone to get lost or distracted when looking for awesome things to help benefit Puerto Rico’s recover, so the link above has all offerings broken out as follows:

Fanfic (by fandom)
Fan Art (by fandom)
Donations by Professional Comics Creators - To be added shortly!
Writing Services (above and beyond writing help - including professional manuscript review, sensitivity reading, script doctoring, historical accuracy, etc)
Beta Services (your basic and indispensable spelling and grammar)
Physical Goods & Crafts

And because spreadsheets are awesome, I also have a masterlist of creators in this very post HELL YEAH, CLICK THROUGH THAT CUT TAG

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Start Getting Excited

What we can look forward to from the Kingsman Fic War:

@elletromil & @insanereddragon: zombies & law/crime procedural

@anarchycox & @adventuresoftheordinarysort: android/cyborg & flower shop

@anarchycox & @pemberley-press: secret admirer & time loop

@biancaicaras & @pemberley-press: murder mystery party & trapped in a snowstorm

@astudyinrocknroll & @electrarhodes:  musician!Eggsy/fake relationship & King Arthur/mythology/reincarnation

@hartwinorlose & @jorychecho:  soulmate au & android/cyborg au

@timeforalongstory @elrhiarhodanNoir & Regency (with an overarching ABO storyline)

@corielliasfinest & @zehheu:  police academy & superhero

@jeminamoonnight & @captains-lemonadeArt thieves & witches/warlocks

@space-babe-rey & @ilokheimsinsFae & Steampunk mechanics

@pomegranatepusher & @tinygayboy:  University AU & Soulmate AU

@thesilverqueenlady& @thenerdyindividual:  Fae AU & bounty hunter AU

@elrhiarhodan & @foxy-voxy: assassin & bookstore

Posting of Stories can begin December 9th and all will be posted by March 24th. We will explain the posting process soon.

Awesome stories ahead for the Kingsman fandom.

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For @foxy-voxy and anyone else who was curious about my cartoon-style makeup. Really, the important bit is to make sure everything you use is totally matte. Eyeshadow, highlights, etc.

Hourglass Vanish stick foundation (Vanilla)
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Vanilla - I’m noticing a trend here)
Contour with Nyx Wonder Stick in Light/Medium
Set with Nyx Matte But Not Flat Powder (Nude)

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - Combust in the crease
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - Dagger on the lid
Maybelline Line Stiletto liner
Mascara of your choice (I used a French/European brand that’s hard to find)

Line and fill lips with Nyx Suede Matte Liner (Soft-Spoken)
Fill with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lippie (Lolita)

Now, the part that makes it special is the cartoony lines. I find this works best with a few different thicknesses of liner, so I used the above-mentioned Maybelline Line Stiletto along with Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous and one from Yves Rocher that might be hard to find in the US. The HC one is really handy because it’s got this weird flick-shaped tip that makes thin lines if you press lightly and thicker ones if you press harder, a bit like a fountain pen. Vary the line widths, finer ones around the eyes and lips, thicker ones down the nose and along the jaw-line.

Then be sure to lock it all in place with a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter, especially if you’re going to a con or a party!

foxy-voxy replied to your post “Stupid thing to feel weird and anxious about. Inviting a friend over…”

It’s not weird, it’s polyam - but that’s coming from another polyam person, so it might be weird for other people. But it seems normal to me.

Thank you, that really helps to hear, honestly. I was just. Really freaking out about it, for no good reason, and even my friend told me that they know it was like that for some of our mutual friends who are also poly, before they (our poly friends) finally bought a house for all of them. And it really helps to have someone else who’s also poly be like. Yes, that’s normal. So thank you. <3

Fic Wars Pairs

It’s that time! Because the moderators were able to match up writers ahead of time, we can now get the pairs out early! So here’s the list.

  • @Qiaocake1 / @llokheimsins 

Our process was to match by ship and then aus with trying our best in making sure nobody was partnered with someone who had something on their squick list.

If you signed up as a team you aren’t on this list but will be on the masterlist we post on November 12th. Like individuals you can still change the aus you are writing up until then.

We encourage you all to talk to your partners as soon as possible, and remind you that you are in no way committed to the AUs you signed up for. You can alter them to suit you up until you submit the final AUs, at which point you are locked in. We hope you all have fun! Good luck and happy writing!

smightymcsmighterton replied to your post “foxy-voxy replied to your post “Stupid thing to feel weird and…”

meanwhile i’m like “i thought y'all lived together” haha. I feel your problems so hard &lt;3

Heeee. Yeah, uh. I think my wife and best friend would kill my husband if we all lived in the same house. XD Unless it was like, this huge mansion where husband had a wing to himself, and Mary, Jess, and I had the rest of the house, hahaha. Ahhhh, dreams of what to buy if I ever win the lottery. Giant house for that exact purpose.

That sounds good to you guys, right @gyhldeptis, @fandomjunkie2004? Lock husband in his own wing, then roam the rest of the mansion? XD

Okay so I just hit 200 followers and thought I’d celebrate it with a follow forever!

Okay so here goes:

IRL friends:

Antonia ➳Greta ➳ Mira ➳ Lily ➳ Eleanor ➳ Phoebe ➳ Imogen/Claudia ➳ Gaelan ➳ Indigo ➳ Samantha

Favourites bolded, mutuals in italics, bold-italicised? I’m still in shock 

1-D 1630-revello-drive-sunnydale 221bsherlock

agent-jemma agents-of-frickle-frackle americqchavez amyforgot amywilliems anseldorable andrevgarfield araryastark astracharlie 

bbcbooty benedictcumbvrbatch billiepipere bored-qui buchanannn buckified 

captain-buttmerica charlesxaviars clarafaded clarasfallingleaf claraoswcld clueingforholmes clumsyeleven cptainrum cumberpeenqueen cunningclara custardfngers cyberwho 

dazzlingdoctor demondaleks detectivehclmes dixiebell doctahhh doctordona doctxrwho draaaaaaaaaagonmother drctorwho dudeufugly

E-L edithsprior elevensbovvtie elevenslostgirl

falconbigbutt feliciaspizza fitzsimmonsinthetardis fluffyfez foxy-voxy fuck-bones fuck-kirk fzztsimmons

greglvstrade gryffindhors goodluckfindingone gwenstacie 

hazelsoxygen heavenlyponds hedgehogmartin heilhydrra hellamarvel hermiionegrangers heytonkshvgwarts 

imsherlockedin221b ironbunneh itsharryosborn 

jemmawatson jemmasskye johnlocck 


ladymirkwoods laurencedominic lehnsherro lordclara 

M-R malfcys marysuepootsmintpond moanstiel morningcastiel mozrt myroary


pininglock partofyourbadgirlshenanigans poisonisinsanity porcelaincas pratleyjames pureblud


S-Z savecosimah severussnvpe sherolck shezza-loocked shvrlxck simmonns skarrletwitch skyesgrey sleepyoswald solitarybucky starierose stormbucky stuckv sussext sxriusblack

teasingcastiel tfios-changed-my-life thefallenpondstheangelstakeserenity thorlokid tonystavktroublefindsme 



warrenworthingtonlll wlntersoldier whybenny whouffaldihwilldemondale withabowtie 




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