foxy shoe


Everyone loves Chica!

had this ready since last year lol. Anyways, all a man needs to become sweeter is his beloved and some Ed Sheeran music. Click on the images for some dialogue captions.

Bonnica: Bonnie’s hands become gentler and less brash when around Chica.

Freddica: Whenever Freddy needs a good laugh all he needs to do is mess with Chica. (He’d be like Chica’s first love or something and he’s so dense that he doesn’t notice why she is always red-faced around him)

Foxy: The pirate isn’t used to lasses as direct as Chica. She’s trying to get him to get out of Pirate Cove more often. (This time Chica would be the dense one when it comes to Foxy’s feelings lol)

Also, whenever someone asks me to draw more of certain pairing DON’T GO ANON I WANNA FANGIRL WITH YOU ;A;