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Andreil and their cats drabble, based on this post

Neil shuffles through the front door of his dorm room. He is unsurprised to find Nicky lounged out on their living room couch, fingers deep in a bag of chips. He only glances at the flickering television before dropping his duffle bag by the door and padding off to see if Andrew is in the room.

His body aches, his muscles throbbing and tight across his shoulders. He had barely slept between his late night practice the night beforewith Kevin and his early morning run, and had to listen to Kevin’s rant on not over doing it while they ran through drills after breakfast.

He finds Andrew on top of the desks, the window beside him cracked open enough to let the warm wind in and the cigarette smoke circling from the hand propped onto his knee out. Andrew only flicks his eyes up at him for a moment to acknowledge his presence.

Neil doesn’t say anything, instead he stares at the ball of brown fluff in Andrew’s lap. Andrew’s fingers are tucked into the fluff, and in the quiet of the room, Neil can hear the purrs from across the room.

“Another one?” Neil asks as he rests against the door frame. The corners of his lips twitch, threatening to pull up into a smile that matches the warmth in his chest. Andrew had been indifferent to the first two cats Neil had brought home, but it was him who showed up to the dorm two weeks later with bags and bags of toys and treats. And it didn’t take much time for Sir Fat Cat to win the cuddle war with Andrew. Neil finds the cat perched on Andrew’s chest while he sleeps more time than not.

Andrew looks back at him as he flicks his cigarette towards the opened window without response.

“We aren’t even supposed to have cats here,” Neil tells him, waving a hand around to gesture the dorm room as he makes his way towards them. He snatches the cigarette from Andrew’s fingers. Sir Fat Cat is on the bed, and the disapproval of their new furmate is clear in his eyes.

“I don’t care,” Andrew says as he blows the smoke towards Neil’s face. Neil doesn’t care either. He sort of loves coming home to find another unfamiliar cat in the dorm, and how Andrew just looks at him like he hadn’t been the one to sneak in five cats whenever Neil mentions it.

“What’s it’s name?”

“Stabby!” comes from the living room. A moment later, Nicky pops up in the doorway. There is no shame on his face for eavesdropping. “Stabby the Tabby Cat.”

“I named her Striped Cat,” Andrew says, ignoring Nicky as he scratches his fingers through the cat’s fur, which is marked with lighter brown stripes across her torso and around her face. She rocks her head up, knuzzling against Andrew’s palm, the purring growing louder.

“I like Stabby,” Neil says, nodding in approval. The last cat Andrew had snuck in had been a bright orange cat with yellow stripes, and Andrew had called it Orange for a week before Nicky and Neil finally won with Foxy Queen.

“Right?” Nicky chuckles, but his smile fades into something more like a grimace after a moment. “It clawed me when I tried to pet it.”

“You deserved it,” Andrew says, scratching behind the cat’s ears as if it to reward her for it.

Nicky grumbles something under his voice as he pushes away from them and heads back towards the living room.

“Stabby,” Neil says, reaching down to tuck his fingers in the thick fur near Andrew’s. “It is fitting.”

“Shut up,” Andrew grumbles.

His usual retort is just starting to form at the tip of his tongue before both of Andrew’s hands are curling around his collar and tugging him forward to shut him up.

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Store (Part 1)

Note: Request from Wattpad. Enjoy!

Pairing: Minicat (w/side H2OVanoss and Brohm)


“Yay! We’re goin’ to the store to get a foxy!” Craig giggled. Jonathan and Evan smiled at their son in the back seat.

“Are you sure you don’t want a raccoon?” Jonathan asked, looking back at Craig. Craig shook his head.

“I wanna foxy!”

“What about an owl?” Evan asked. Craig shook his head once more.

“Foxy! I wanna foxy!”

“Alright, we’ll get you a foxy.” Craig smiled and started giggling again.

“Yay! Foxy!”


“Tyler, what did you want again?” Ryan asked his five-year-old son.

“I want… A tiger!”

“I thought you wanted a piggy?” Bryce said, a bit confused.

“I wanna piggy and a tiger!” Tyler exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t know if we can get both,” Ryan cautioned, “but we’ll see what we can do. Tyler smiled and swung his legs back and forth to the car radio.


Evan and Jonathan held Craig’s hand as they walked down the isles, looking for the stuffed animals. They soon found them, and we’re looking through the shelves. “You would think, out of all the stuffed animals here, they would have a fox one,” Jonathan grumbled as looked at the back of the shelves.

“Well, either way, I’m getting a nice view,” Evan mumbled. Jonathan stopped and looked back at his husband with a raised eyebrow. Evan looked up at Jonathan and smiled innocently.

“I can’t believe you,” Jonathan said as he smacked Evan’s arm.

“What? I didn’t do anything.” Jonathan scoffed and rolled his eyes before going back to the shelves.

Craig stood by Evan, waiting patiently. He looked around the area when he saw something in the distance. It looked to be a fox plushie, but he couldn’t be sure. So, he started walking towards it.

Turns out, it wasn’t a fox plushie. Disappointed, he turned back around, expecting to see his parents. But they weren’t there. Confused, Craig looked all around.


Craig wandered around, trying to find them. He didn’t remember where he had come from, so he was even more lost.


At another part of the store, Bryce and Ryan were walking around, trying to find a stuffed tiger. “Ooh, I think I see one over there!” Ryan exclaimed. Bryce looked over to where Ryan was talking about.

“Nope, that’s a lion.” Ryan sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Can we just go to another store or something? We can’t find anything here.”

“Ryan, we’ve only been here for like, ten minutes. And we’ve only looked at this half of the store.”

“I know but still. You would think we would find something in ten minutes!”


As Ryan and Bryce began to argue, Tyler had already started walking around. Then he saw it: a white tiger plushie. It was in a cart that was being rolled away by an employee. Tyler’s eyes widened as he started to run after the cart.

Once he caught up to it, the employee was gone. He grabbed the white tiger plushie and hugged it. He saw a pig plushie too and grabbed that as well. He was about to go back to where his parents were when he heard crying.

Curious, Tyler started walking down the isles, looking for whoever it was. There, in the last isle, was a boy maybe four years old crying. Tyler walked up to him and sat down. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Tyler asked. The boy sniffled and looked up at Tyler.

“I-I don’t know where my parents are,” he said. Tyler looked around and saw no one in sight.

“Well, how ‘bout I help you look for them?” The boy looked surprised.

“R-really?” Tyler nodded. The boy smiled and stood up. “I’m Craig,” he introduced.

“Tyler. Now let’s go find your parents!” He exclaimed before grabbing Craig’s hand and leading him down the isles.


“A-ha! Finally, I found one!” Jonathan exclaimed, pulling the toy out, only to reveal that it was a wolf. He sighed and threw it back on the shelf. “Well, I think we’re gonna have to go to a different store,” he sighed. Evan sighed as well.

“Alright. Sorry, Craig. We have to go-” he froze when he didn’t see Craig standing next to him. He looked around the area, but to no avail. “Uh, honey? Have you seen Craig?” Jonathan shook his head.

“No, I was looking through the stuffed animals. You were supposed to keep an eye on him.” Evan and
Jonathan’s eyes widened with fear as they both realized that Craig was missing.


“Alright, alright, if we don’t find anything in the next ten minutes, we’ll go to another store,” Bryce sighed. Ryan smiled at the fact that he had won the argument.

“Alright, Tyler- Tyler?” They looked around, but Tyler wasn’t anywhere to he seen. Bryce and Ryan looked at each other before looking down the nearby isles, calling Tyler’s name.

When it came apparent that he wasn’t near them, Bryce started to panic. “Oh god, what if we don’t find him? What if someone took him? What if-” Ryan cut Bryce off by grabbing Bryce’s hands.

“Bryce, don’t worry, we’ll find him. He probably just wandered off somewhere in the store. Let’s go look for him and ask if anyone has seen him, okay?” Bryce nodded as they started to walk around, looking for Tyler.


Tyler and Craig were still on the lookout for Craig’s parents. Tyler was holding Craig’s hand as they walked down the isles. At one of the isles, Craig stopped. “What? Do you see your parents?” Tyler asked, looking down the isle.

“No, but I found what I wanted!” He walked down the isle and grabbed a fox plushie that was sticking out. “I found a foxy!” He giggled. “Now let’s go find momma and daddy,” he said as he grabbed Tyler’s hand again. They continued on with their search in the store.


As Evan and Jonathan sped-walk through the store, they accidentally ran into another couple. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” The blond apologized.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Evan assured.

“Um, weird question, but have you seen a four-year-old kid running around?” Jonathan asked. They other couple shook their heads.

“No. Why?” Evan and Jonathan looked at each other before signing.

“That’s our son, we were looking for stuffed animals for him and he wandered off.” The other couple’s eyes widened.

“We’re looking for our son, too! We were also looking for plushies when he wandered off.” Evan and Jonathan looked at each other before looking back at the couple.

“Well, since we’re in the same situation, let’s find them together.” The other couple nodded before they all started walking down the isles, calling out their kids’ names.


As Craig and Tyler came to the back of the store, they grew bored. Craig wasn’t as scared now since Tyler was there, and Tyler was fine from the start. Eventually they stopped, and started to play with the stuffed animals they had. “Ha! I’ve got more power than you cause I got two stuffed animals!” Tyler exclaimed.

“Oh yeah? Well my fox can eat your piggy!” Craig argued, holding the fox up.

“My tiger can kick your fox’s but.”



“Let’s see who will win!”

“Yeah! On three!”

“Three… Two… One… Go!”

The two kids attacked each other with the stuffed animals, laughing and screaming the entire way. Tyler threw his piggy at Craig, which Craig deflected with his fox. “Ha! Miss me!” Craig laughed, sticking his tongue out.

Tyler ran towards Craig and picked him up, spinning him around. Craig laughed and kicked his legs. “Foxy can fly!” He said, holding the plushie out. Then Tyler lost his balance, falling on his butt with Craig on top of him. They looked at each other for a brief moment before going into a laughing fit.

They heard footsteps coming towards them, and both kids looked in that direction. “Oh my god, Tyler!” Bryce exclaimed, running up to him.

“Craig!” Jonathan yelled, swooping his son into a hug.

Bryce kissed Tyler’s head as Tyler laughed, hugging his dad.

“Momma!” Craig giggled, giving Jonathan a kiss on the cheek.

“I told you we’d find him,” Ryan said, ruffling Tyler’s hair.

“Where did you run off too? You cared us to death,” Evan said, crouching down to give Craig a hug.

“I was looking for you! And then I found Ty instead, and a foxy!” Craig proceeded to hold up the fox plushie. 

“Well, I saw a piggy and a Tiger, so I got them. Then I found Craig, and he was lost, so I helped him,” Tyler explained.

“Alright, well, let’s get going. We’ll get the foxy, and then we’ll go home. Does that sound good?” Evan asked.

“What about Ty?” Craig asked, pointing to Tyler.

“Honey, Tyler has to go home. To his own home,” Jonathan said.


“If you want, we can have you come over, or Tyler can stay over there.”

Evan and Jonathan looked up to see the blond smiling at them. “I mean, it’s not a big deal. We were just getting the plushies before we were going home to relax. What'dya say?” Evan and Jonathan looked at each other before looking at Craig.

“Would you like that?” Jonathan asked. Craig nodded.

“Alright, well, we’re going to your house since we aren’t having your kid mess up ours,” Evan joked, causing everyone to laugh.

“Well, if your kid messes things up, then you’re out,” Ryan joked back.

“Don’t worry, we’ll mess up at least one of your couches before we leave.” Everyone laughed again as they all started walking to the counter. Craig and Tyler ignored the adults and played with the stuffed animals.

Little names and shet for fnaf characters and stuff
  • Circus Baby: chub babs
  • Ballora: legs
  • Funtime Foxy: yiff
  • Funtime Freddy: spook burr
  • Puppet Bonnie: nyyooom
  • Minireenas: little shits
  • Bidybabs: big shits
  • Ennard: daddy
  • Handy Unit: heckin broke ass trynna get me killed unit
  • Technician: scared spooked dude
  • Purple Guy/William Afton: guy who kills shit woot woot
  • The Scooper: oh my god get away my poor baby ballora
  • Aftons Daughter?: miss i do what i want when i want
  • What ever the fuck those heads are in the main room: HONK HONK HONK HONK

anonymous asked:

How would a fusion between Duke and Foxy look?

Well I can’t imagine what kind of insane situation would force them to fuse, but it would certainly be one of the weirder fusion dances in the history of fusion dances.

They would be like…the epitome of the crazy royalty from books.  They’ll literally give you gold ingots for doing them a favor, but would also use those diamond claws to rip your throat out for minor percieved insults???  

They appreciate the finer things in life, like lounging on thrones and driving REALLY FAST and VENGEANCE.

Do not advise, please do not let these two fuse.

((all that gold and the diamonds and rubies took me forever LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS))

OOTD: Feeling foxy! 

Top: Asos, Leggings: Forever21+, Shoes: Walmart, Flower Crown: Forever21, Necklace: Etsy

Ever since I started working from home it’s been a hassle to get OOTD posts! I’m mostly in pj’s all day and when I do get dressed up to go out it’s already getting dark! I’m going to work on doing at least OOTD’s on the weekends!  <33