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Question, I hardly heard of the animatronics so may I ask this, is it possibly that Foxy is sick of everyone's shit, especially Marionette and Panther's shit/thing for Mike? Like, turning Mike against Jeremy, which he seem to disagree according to the story. I don't know if it work on others, with different reasons.

He is; if it were up to Foxy, he’d rather kick out everyone who keeps trying to mess with Mike and look after him from a distance. Marionette, Panther, Violet as well. His guilt over what happened in 1987 makes his will to fight against Violet’s control fairly weak, thought. So as much as he’s done with all their shit and would love to fling them all into the street he just doesn’t have the power to hold his ground against them.


Sonic the Hedgehog x FNAF, but it’s now SonicxBonnie ship and it is … wild. Not shippy but just…. wild.

I mean, let me tease you with Sonic roundhouse kicking Foxy in the face, Sonic using Chaos Control and just pretty much jumping everywhere, Freddy Fazbear is now Shadow’s brother (you read that right) and if you ever dreamed of Dark Sonic fighting Golden Freddy then this is your fic.

Chica Gets A "Kick" Outta Foxy's Puns
catscater51 and xxcuttlefishprincessxx
Chica Gets A "Kick" Outta Foxy's Puns

original comic belongs to mayadile

I saw this on my dash and I just couldn’t help but get this silly thing voice with my good ol’ friend xxcuttlefishprincessxx! XD this is too funny!

Chica voiced by me catscater51

Foxy voiced by xxcuttlefishprincessxx