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I love Wayne’s World and I felt like this when I saw him post again…

Currently working on @talia-grace-daniels & @delish-duck ‘s imagine. I combined the two so get ready :)

age: 15
zodiac: aires
height/weight: 5’ 5"/104 lbs
gender: female
blood type: O
laterality: right-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: panromantic/pansexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): pranking, stalking
personality: she’s a bit of a weeaboo and a klutz, but still completely loveable. just don’t make her angry. she’ll set her mind on one person or another and will stop at nothing to get who or what she wants, which makes her a bit of a problem-child who can be difficult at times. the only people who (that she claims) never judged her for how she was, was and freddie, and toy chica (casidy) whom of which she meets later when transferred to freddy fazbear’s pizzeria from the circus baby entertainment establishment. it’s still unknown why she was the only animatronic salvaged and restored to ‘proper’ working order and bound to freddy’s. she’s the only entertainer (besides mariah and the at-the-time withered animatronics) who is actually a soul in limbo, unlike the other toys that are mortal young adults and employees of the pizzeria.

age: 6
height/weight: 4’4”/ 89 lbs
b day: 4/1/1955
gender: female
blood type: O
laterality: right-handed
hobby(ies): none
siblings: martha sheer (younger sister)
personality/story: ((the only other character that coincides, w/ vincent’s legacy, on the alpha-timeline)) she was hospitalized just like frieda was. the difference between them was the fact that felicia was born on time and that she was diagnosed w/ sanity disorder at birth. she too was admitted to the institution at an early age, bound to it for her childhood. felicia’s case was indeed for severe than frieda’s, her outbursts were more frequent and she was definitely more unstable. this the doctors underestimated, possibly due to a mix-up in the paper-work between her and frieda, and claimed that felicia was to be able to go home in the near future. that day came quickly, much faster than expected, and the 2 girls had to break off their blossoming friendship. things had gone smoothly for about a month afterwards, until one day when she and her mother decided to have a day out in the city. during their stroll, they passed a strange and thin young man. a man that looked like the one that would suffocate frieda a few day later. as they passed each other, he nudged her and she lost it. she dashed out of her mom’s grasp and ran onto the street, jumping in the way of an oncoming car. the driver stopped, but had already hit her. a crowd, that had witnessed the incident, was in shock and her mother was on her knees, hysterical. they had called an ambulance to rush her to the hospital, she was barely alive… it wasn’t clear how long she would have to stay in the hospital, but months had passed w/o any promise she’d make it. one night, vincent finally wakes up, but felicia still hadn’t. seeing her again, while hiding from the night-watchmen, would mark his first live murder (on the alfa-timeline, when he actually becomes a physical human-being). the night-guard, who was now certain a prowler was nearby, was re-summoned by a loud thud. he found felicia’s body on the cold-tile and floor. the blood that was slowly pooling under her corpse trickled to form a message at his feet, “YOU CAN’T”. at this point, vincent was already gone.