foxy cleopatra

How ya doin, honey baby?

You know I don’t ask for much but
For a girl spending time alone can be pretty rough
But I hear a knock on my door
You know it’s yours for sure
We can’t wait for the bedroom
So we just hit the floor

…See you gotta work it out

So baby hold me 
Like you don’t wanna let go
I’m feeling foxy
Cause boy you working it out
Daddy you given me a taste of your honey
I want the whole bee hive
I’m gonna call you my sugar 
Cause I (I) had the sweetest time

…See you gotta work it out


Commission by the amazing

Based on my love for the following characters/actresses & idea inspired by his amazing artwork:

  • A Blaxploitation Saturday Morning Cartoon where FOXY BROWN (Pam Grier), CLEOPATRA JONES (Tamara Dobson), CHRISTIE LOVE (Teresa Graves) & DIANA “SUGAR” HILL (Marki Bey) are a team of vigilante crime fighters.  

Do you dig?