So my friends are authors.

One writes original stories she hopes to get published someday. She’s horrible about leaving me with cliffhangers that will never be resolved because she hated the story and started over…Every. Single. Time.  No matter what though, I understood why she did it and encouraged her to do what made her satisfied with her work. Each version was just as wonderful as the last, but with each her writing grew to be better and better and she has started to like what she writing and (not always happy but) satisfied with just doing edits to clean it up. 
I’m proud of her and I understand no matter how crazy her cliffhangers make me, how impatient I get with waiting for another chapter, I will always respect how much work is put into each one and that she sends them to me when she is positive she’s done what she can.  I help beta it, edit it, but the perfection is all hers.  Again, I am proud of her.

The other writes fanfiction.  Yeah, you heard me, fanfiction; and you know what? She’s every bit of an author as anyone else. She puts in so much time and effort to write wonderful stories, and that’s what they are: wonderful. She loves ever view, kudos, like, review, etc. because it means other enjoyed it too.  It’s also her way of relaxing, expressing herself, and just letting the muse do it’s thang!  And I am proud of her.

Now this might sound like bragging (and yeah it 95% is) but it’s also me trying to say, please support authors of any sort. The first one get’s bad anxiety about her stories, but she’s so brave for pushing forward, still writing and putting herself out there to get published. 

Please, give them constructive criticism, build them up and help them get better. Trust me! They want to know how to get better as writing is a life long learning process. Don’t rip into their work just to tear them down. 

Don’t demand for chapters to hurry up: This is their passion, and they damn well want to make sure that when that chapter goes up, it wows you just like the ones before. 

Respect all authors: whether its fanfiction or it’s original work, it’s creative, fun, and we all enjoy both! And they are authors! (Would you be able to come up with some of the AUs thrown around?  Would you be able to write out amazing stories with them or flesh out characters that might not have been in the original work?)

Most of all, send some love to an author you know. Leave a review or message a friend!

This also goes out to all the author’s i love reading on Tumblr too! You’re fanfics really help me through tough times, and I can’t wait to see what else comes out!!

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^^BTW That’s just the few authors I could immediately recall and I know there are so many others and I feel bad for not including them but I could go on for forever! 


. The treasure that I hold . by rydi1689

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It’s been a long time since I last drew Markiplier with his little toddlers from Five Nigths at Freddy’s! This time he has Jacksepticeye by his side to help him take care of the children! However, Jacksepticeye seems to have received more than he bargained for! He can’t control them, Springtrap is trying to overthrow Bonnie (as always) but Bonnie doesn’t seem to care, he’s more focused on deciding whether to hug Jacksepticeye’s head or to eat his hair (it seems very healthy!); one who is not in the mood to eat green things is Puppet, he’s desperately trying to crawl away from that awful goo called baby food! Mangle is a good kid and has already finished lunch and is now rejoicing in a delicious peach for dessert!

Markiplier has had enough time to get to know his children and knows how to convince them to eat their vegetables! Golden Freddy is still trying to deal with that broccoli but Chica and Foxy have already finished their lunch and are trying to get the lollipop prize!! Freddy is, once again, facepalming at his siblings’ behaviour, he just can’t understand why they always make such a fuss when eating! Fortunately for him, Daniel Kyre understands and comforts him!


sister locationって聞いたとき、fnafの派生とかなのかと思っていたのですが(情弱)、まさか新作だったとは!!。゚゚(*´□`*。)°゚。.