“Batim and Fnaf in: a nightmare???”

oooohh it seems that an individual is not welcome in Bendy’s room

I just wanted to do that, it’s an opportunity to make them together ♥

fhghgjfjdh yay Alice


                    “FNAF in: Ultimate Custom Night”

hohohoho Freddy and his band in my art style toon version. I just wanted to do that, fnaf ultimate custom night is FANTASTICO fhghgjs i’m not used to doing fnaf i hope you like ♥

Five nights at freddy’s © Scott Cawthon

Draw @fnafmangl


So, like… I might post some icons in another post so you can use them as profile pics or something…
You can also say which one do you want! 

This was so hard to draw especially because it was the first time I drew some of these characters and and
I’m hella tired now :P

Had some people asking for more Foxy and Mangle so I figured I’d draw them together! I think Mangle would be ecstatic knowing that Foxy can dislocate himself and make himself into just as much of a mess as they can. 

Now I’m just imagining a Foxy-Mangle amalgam… yikes.

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“If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself!”

A pretty late but pretty fun piece done inspired by the video If Foxy Was the Phone Guy, which took design inspiration from my style! I highly recommend watching the video if you haven’t already, IndieTimber is very talented and the animation in it is very well made and fluid in movement!