(Too stoned to sleep; had a nice night)
[still not answering emails need to be more orientated]
I want to clean up my blog
all via phone @_@ and I know it looks blah via browser.

I got busy cleaning today and didn’t go to set up a p.o. box ’>3<’

I would love if you guys sent me some honest reviews of how I’m doing. I appreciate all input.

~Almost at 500!~

I should re-introduce myself!
I am foxxy! I’d love to entertain you
I’m fresh to the game but very wise
Sweet, polite and kind!

Stole this from aquara

her questions:
fave summer recipe? Pepper jack grilled cheese on pumpernickel bread with avocado, apples, and spinach
do you have any pets? if so, what are their names? My poodle, truffles
pet peeves? Interruptions, people telling me to be quiet
what’s your favorite thing about tumblr? All of the modern blogs
if you could be any blog style besides the one you have now, what would it be? A photography blog with only my photography
introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
fave rom-com? What’s your number
what’s the weirdest thing in your room atm? A souvenir cup from the San Diego zoo with my collection of bottle caps
fave online shopping site? Modcloth
cookie or cream? Cream

Al’s Investigation log #1

Today I had to cut all contact with the skypeople, I hope they find themselves well. The trail I’ve followed from the outpost has led me deep into the nether. 

After being separated from Foxxy and the others thanks to the attack of the endcreepers I’ve reagined the trail and followed it deep. I’ve seen only one clue so far and it shook me to my core with what I had to do…

The reanimated body of Guard_Brian was lumbering through a pool of blood walking in a figure-8 pattern wearing a path through the soulsand under him. This both gave me hope for Tom, but saddened me at my other friends fate. I knew what I had to do.  It took me but a few moments to dispatch Brian back to his deserved rest. I took his body and pushed it into the nearest lava fall to make sure it was destroyed. Though it broke my heart to do, he deserved some peace. How many lifetimes of service was he forced to give up at the hands of Mianite? How many more were still like him.

Every day I spend out in the wilds on this quest make me understand why Jeriah left the army, I can see his reasoning for forming the Blood Knights, and… I regret my part in hunting them down. I only hope I can live long enough to ask him forgiveness myself.

A breakthrough happened today as I found a set of tracks paralelling the ones I was following with a much more recent quality to them. I can only surmise from the even, unflinching gate that it is the tracks of a former guard. Something curious to note is that the tracks, though more recent, are less pronounced… This must mean that the revenant is lighter, thus not carrying a load as one would do heading out from a base of some sort. Perhaps these are the clues I need. Only time will tell.


Thanks for all the likes guys (: What a nice thing to wake up to!
And a big secondary thank you to everyone who has bought my video.
I will happily take requests for more videos, I just want to know what you’d like to see

-xoxo foxxy

Ontaekey with Jinki giving his pretty babies collars for Christmas. Black for his Kitten, bright red for his Foxxie.

And with soft, sure hands he brushes Taemins long hair from his neck and clasps it on. He kisses the base of his neck before turning to Kibum who’s waiting happily for his turn.

And just proud little taekey because Their Daddy bought them such pretty collars. They’re very cuddly for the rest of the day lol but that’s not really out of the norm for them pertaining to jinki