I jumped on the gemsona bandwagon. 

She’s Pietersite and was probably one of those gems who decided that the war wasn’t worth her time, but Earth seemed fun so she stayed. She is slightly taller than Amethyst and isn’t much of a fighter. Her weapon is a glaive. She thinks fusing is the bomb and her dancing style is similar to the Foxtrot. 


Foxtrot Studio    |

"Nalewka [na’lɛfka] is a traditional Polish category of alcoholic beverage which is made by maceration of fruits, roots, spices and herbs in alcohol. In these days also industrially produced, however, the best taste comes from homemade method which is appreciated by many connoisseurs of this liquor. Our Nalewka was intended to be a gift for our friends and customers. Prepared almost entirely by hand from the beverage, to the final details of packaging."

Foxtrot Studio is a graphic design firm based in Warsaw and was founded by Adrian Chytry and Isabella Jankowska in 2012. They are focused on graphic design, branding, packaging and print design.

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