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Battleborn x Overwatch

Oscar mike attempting to make friends with overwatch gang while hanging out with his hero whiskey foxtrot….he tries to start a conversation but reaper almost instantly starts cutting him down and making fun of him because (reaper is a douche fuck nugget)

Whiskey has enough of reapers shit and calls him out on his own flaws which he has alot of promting reaper to attack the alien clone with an aggresive punch which is easily stopped by whiskey (because hes an ALIEN!!) who then beats reapers face in.

Ironically dad76 (im fallen victim to that meme) is actually impressed and doesnt judge mike or foxtrot on their origins or the fact their clones.

The three end up being best of friends even if mike and whiskey foxtrot are both boderline insane.

Idk why i thought of this but if been wanting to see more people mix battleborn and overwatch because the characters could really play well off each other.

Also if anyone wants to draw this that be cool.



mercy: oscar mike please be more careful…you have to be more cautious

Mike: ugh yes mom!!!

sanitydrowned  asked:

What if on cold maps like the new Snowblind the shirtless guys or people with thin clothing like Ambra just kinda call it a tie and all make a lil huddle around Kleese's warm throne or have Ambra set up a lot of lil sun spots to keep them warm. :)

Honestly that is such a cute thought I can’t even handle it!

Whiskey Foxtrot would be good either way, but he’d prefer the sun spots just because he thinks that localized sun is really cool.

Alani would just stick by Kleese’s chair and only go to Ambra’s sun spots if she really had to.

Montana would full surrounding himself either the best of both these things. He can’t get just one fill of warmth! Big man like him needs both!

Boldur would go to the sun because it’s more natural, but he would also try to get a ride on the back of Kleese’s chair and pretend that it’s a bear.

Thorn wouldn’t want to admit it when she needed warmth, but when she did admit it she would prefer the sun spots if only because they’re not attached to a senior old man.

El Dragón would say that his warrior’s heart would keep him warm, but you’d definitely catch him leaning against the chair or staying near the sun spots every now and again.

Attikus wouldn’t really care about the cold, but if it got too unbearable then he’d just stand by the spots since he doesn’t need to lean on them to stay warm.

Shayne would keep by the sun spots for the same reason Whiskey would: aesthetics.

Ambra wouldn’t even consider going near Kleese’s chair, she’s her own space heater.

Kleese just wants everybody to leave him alone. That’s his chair. He doesn’t wanna have to share.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ((2016))



A journalist recounts her wartime coverage in Afghanistan.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Deleted Scene: Kim and Iain (source)

The Burnt Couch on Jason Street

Fox Mulgrew thinks he’s a pretty reasonable person. He’s on team yellow so like, he’s pretty chill. It took him a whole week to level up to ten, and he hasn’t gone running around screaming about charizards at six in the morning which is more than he can say for his little brother.

He imagines his fellow lacrosse players are going to be more chill about it when he gets back to Samwell for the pre-season. He gets out of the car and discovers Chad, Chaz, Mitt, and Brad standing on the front porch looking suspiciously across the street at the SMH team’s house. There’s a scorch mark on the front yard that Fox can’t explain, and all four of his teammates are staring at it apprehensively.

“What’s up?” Fox asks, feeling his phone ding in his pocket. He pulls it out and glances at the new pokestop that’s just cropped up. It’s not quite close enough for him to spin the disc, but when he clicks on it, it shows a picture of a green couch on fire and he’s pretty sure that’s the best pokestop he’s ever seen.

“The hockey house is a pokestop,” Chad says. “And it’s not close enough for us to get it.”

“Why is the picture a couch on fire?” Fox asks.

“Their new captain? The tiny blond kid? First day of pre-season, he got the others to drag it out to the front lawn and lit it on fucking fire,” Mitt explains. “Google happened to be going by while it burned.”

Fox takes in all of their terrified, quivering forms and sighs.

“Give me your phones,” he commands, collecting all their iPhones and then Chaz’s android that prevents them from naming the group chat.

They beg him not to as he crosses the street.

He discovers that he only has to be on the very edge of the lawn in order to spin the disc, but with five phones in hand, it takes a little longer than he’d like. It takes long enough that one of the hockey players comes out onto the front porch and stares at him with one raised eyebrow.

“Sup,” Fox says, giving him a bro nod.

“What team are you?” the hockey player asks, crossing his arms.

He’s kind of hot, Fox notices. Dark eyes with matching hair in a perfectly maintained undercut, nicely dressed, and plus he plays hockey and Fox might necessarily hate the hockey team because he’s a lacrosse player, but that hasn’t stopped him from reading ESPN’s body issue when it comes out and the hockey players are always worth it.

“Instinct,” Fox says, spinning Chaz’s phone. “You?”

“Valour,” the hockey bro says. He looks across the street at the lacrosse house. “Are you the only one brave enough to cross the street?”

“Yeah,” Fox says. The hockey bro smirks. “What’s your name?”

“Whiskey,” the hockey bro says.

“Seriously?” Fox asks. “What about that other kid on your team who’s always asking every question forever? He was in my intro to poli-sci class last year.”

“Tango,” Whiskey replies.

“Seriously?” Fox asks again.

“Yeah,” Whiskey says. “Who are you?”

“Foxtrot,” he hears himself say, even though that is not the correct answer. His name is just Fox.

But Whiskey is smirking again and Fox kind of likes it a lot more than he should.

“Nice to meet you Foxtrot,” Whiskey says. “I guess we’ll be seeing you around.”

And yeah, Fox can really go for that.


All In: The Making of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (source)

okay but the Haus is a pokestop and the LAX bros aren’t quite close enough to access it from their house so they have to keep daring each other to cross the street to access it. 

(one LAX bro is brave enough and takes all their phones at once. His name is Fox Mulgrew, and he is able to withstand the glares of the SMH team and even finds a few of them endearing) 


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