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A Night to Forget Part 4

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December 4, 2015

To My Princess,

I wish I could be with you right now, but I know some surprises are worth waiting for. I can’t wait until you are walking towards me down that isle. I know that no matter what your dress looks like, you are the most beautiful bride who has ever walked the Earth. The day I met you, I proposed, and sadly, I got rejected. But luckily, I am a persistent man and I didn’t give up. I hope the excitement of my second proposal was worth falling off the canoe for.. You have taught me many things in the past couple years, and one of which is that I shouldn’t dwell on the past and I should look towards the future. And two and a half years ago, I said i wanted 100 weeks with you. Now, I want 100 years with you. I hope I am the husband and daddy you’ve dreamed of, because you deserve nothing less. I can’t wait to see you, my bride. I know you will never show your nerves, but I am showing mine right now. (Val is a great best man)

Your fiancé


P.S. In the brown box that you are probably holding are the 100 love notes that I have written to you throughout the best years of my life. 100 is definitely our lucky number <3


It was a small wedding. They porously chose exactly 100 of their closest friends and family to attend their special day. Meryl’s bridesmaids were Jenna, Brooke and Sharna, and Maks best men were Val, Toni, and Charlie. The wedding was planned very fast. Maks couldn’t wait to commit himself to Meryl. He gave her anything she wanted. What she wanted was a sentimental wedding, filled with details, and to combine their two worlds. That meant that the wedding ceremony would take place outside, on a December day, at an outdoor skating rink in LA. (It was almost impossible to rent out, but with maks’ great new publicist and their celebrity staus, it somehow all came together.) Sharna walked between the rows of white fur-covered chairs that sat on the ice, and she saw maks standing at the end of the isle in a basic black tux with a pale blue tie, to complement the winter wonderland theme. Maks was well shaven because thats how Meryl liked him. He was nervous of course, but he was ready. He stood at the alter tapping his foot and rubbing his chin. He couldn’t hep but fidget. 

After Jenna and Brooke made it to the end of the isle, Lindsey Sterling started playing maksyls song on the violin, and Meryl stepped out into view with her dad on one side, and clayton on the other. 

Meryl gorgeous brown locks cascaded over her shoulders in tight ringlet curls, a new look for her. She was wearing a simple dress, that complimented her baby belly. There was a beaded belt just under her bust and it had a sweetheart neckline. The bottom of the dress was covered in lace and fell straight down off her belly, but had a 4 foot train in the back. But the real showstopper in her outfit was the blue shrug that covered her shoulders and arms made from her foxtrot costume. Meryl and maks had made a tradition of watching that dance every night together, because that night was when they first realized their love for one another was real, and it wasn’t just a show they put on to get votes.

When maks first saw his bride he broke down. He was a man who wasn’t ashamed to cry. He couldn’t comprehend how he got so lucky to end up with a woman as real as Meryl. He finally understood why all of his other relationships fell apart. It certainly wasn’t because he was afraid of commitment or change, it was because he was meant to end up with her. The vows slipped right out of his mouth. It was the easiest thing he had ever had to say because he really meant them, and they were pulled out straight from his heart. Meryl did the same. She had spent hours and hours trying to write the perfect vows, but on the day of the wedding, she threw her script away and just said what she felt. After that, Val handed Maks the rings thats meryl and maks custom designed together. 

“Hold my hand.” Meryl said as she offered it to maks. 

He slid the ring onto her finger and started to anticipate their first public kiss. Everything between them had always been so private but maks was ready for that to end. He wanted to show off meryl to the rest of the world.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Maks took a tiny step closer to meryl and placed his hands on the side of her baby bump. Meryls sparkling eyes widened as she tilted her head closer to maks’. His lips touched hers and they pressed closer together. It wasn’t as passionate as usual but it was heartfelt. 

After Meryl pulled away maks lifted her into his arms and she threw her hands into the air. He set her down in their private horse-drawn carriage that would take them to the reception. It was beautiful inside of it. There was a little bech covered in velvet and it smelled brand new. They got a lot of funny looks when people in that area saw a horse walking down the street. They pulled the hood of the carriage up so that no one could see in. Thats where the real passion came to life for the night.


You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down”  Sam sang.

Meryl offered maks her hand once again in the red skybox.

“I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found”

Maks pulled meryl in toward his body and wrapped his arm around her.

“I feel we’re close enough, I wanna lock in your love”

The newlyweds walked down the slightly curved staircase together

“Now I’ve got you in my embrace, I wont let go of you.”

Maks spun meryl in a circle on the dance floor they knew all too well, and progressed towards the spotlight that awaited them. 

“How do you do it, you got me loosing every breath.”

They stepped into the spotlight and rocked back and fourth with each other. 

“I won’t let go of you”

Maks dipped Meryl and gave her a kiss on the lips. 

The lights in the ballroom came back on and their guests clapped wildly. It was the first dance that Meryl had dreamed in her mind times 100. She couldn’t have thought of a better location to have her reception, either. It was where some of their favorite moments as a couple happened. In the DWTS ballroom. This time though, there was no stress, no worrying about keeping their secret. It was just maks, meryl, their baby, and love. This day let them both forget about ‘the night to forget’ because this night was definitely one to remember.