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Dating Sodapop Curtis (Modern Headcanons) 

-Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S together, every night on Foxtel. 
-Going out for ice cream and leaving your phones in the car so it doesn’t distract you from one another.
-Netflix and Chilling…
-Making Ponyboy go to self defense classes with you, because you think he is an easy target. 
-You and Sodapop going to the gym together… and getting McDonalds on the way home.
-Sodapop letting you do his make up… as long as you promise not to tell the gang about it…
-Watching Game of Thrones with the gang because they’re just as obsessed with it as you are.
-Laughing at Steve when you catch him watching Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s.
-Two-Bit calling you a ‘cake face’ because you love wearing a make up.
-Teaching Ponyboy how to use Snap Chat, but warning him not to send dick pics. 
-Laughing at Sodapop when he couldn’t find his name on a Coke bottle.
-Making Darry a facebook, even though he tells you not to bother because he will never use it. 
-Making Johnny watch America’s Next Top Model with you… and him secretly enjoying it, even though he wouldn’t tell you that.
-Kicking Dally’s ass at COD
-Ponyboy taping Darry for a Vine… and then it goes viral.
-Calling Dally a fuckboy when you found out he cheated on his girlfriend.
-Dally telling you, you haven’t got a soul because you’re a ranga…
-You sack whacking him…
-Catching Two-Bit writing Game of Thrones fanfiction… and being surprised that it’s actually good…


Foxtel Go with Chris Hemsworth

Ok, this one’s definitely my favorite! :D