Was challenged by foxsmoulder to do the Ice Bucket Challenge 2014 for the Blazeman Foundation.

Donations are helping out places like Rodal Lab at Brandeis University so they can (hopefully) get a little closer to finding the cure for ALS.

I’ve challenged natasi, heartsways and stormqueen.

Please donate at War On ALS.


Mo Broomstick, also known as BAM BAM is a Melbourne based sideshow/burlesque performer, front-femme for CreepCake and political events organiser. She works for Hollaback! Melbourne and is the lone wolf creator of GRRL FEST - an all inclusive event for ALL who identify as a female. She also likes to generally cause trouble for the patriarchy, collect shoes she will never wear and is passionate about sex-positive intersectional feminism!


we did this shoot in a trainyard- was lots of fun :)

I was tagged by bigbootybiggerheart to fill out this question thing!

why did you choose your url: brenna and I were bonding over our love for white collar and we decided we wanted matching URLs. Mr. Satchmo is an alias used in one episode, after a character’s dog.
if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be: lucky (the pizza dog) from hawkeye
favorite color: purple
favorite song: currently, thinking out loud by ed sheeran
what are your favorite top 5 fandoms: harry potter, MCU, one direction, arrow, the hunger games
why do you enjoy tumblr: I’ve met and became friends with amazing and lovely people here

I tag: jamesbonds, threeholepuncher, sh0pgirl, & foxsmoulders!