A Sorcerer doesn't choose how their magic manifests, OR A very dark neutral good

The party consists of a foxperson Artificer, a Warforged barbarian the artificer made, and me, a Human Duskblade.  we had just fought off a trio of kobolds while looking for a kidnapped townsperson and the one kobold that fell from it’s platform instead of run away is refusing to comply.  

Me:  Fine.. allow me to see if I can help. *As I say this my hand starts glowing pale blue and I pat the Kobold on the head to cast Touch of Fatigue, making it feel like it’s very life force is slipping away, that it’s hard to move.  This causes my left eye to glow red*
Artificer(OOC):Imma roll bluff to not look disturbed by this *Nat 20* yes, definitely not disturbed.

Warforged: Is this… Ethical?

Me: I told you, most of my magic manifests as negative energy, It’s up to me how to use it..