It’s me meeting Nikki, Ashe, and the rest of the Tales of Graces group! XD It looks like I’m not even dancing in this video….I feel bad after watching it the 2nd time and noticing that >_< it just looks like I’m going with the flow . 


Expo is just around the corner and I am still in desperate need of gas money and money to really just survive out there. I know have little to no followers but I really really want to go. I already got my ticket a few months ago and I have my costumes set up. I will do commissions, paintings, character design anything you ask of me. If you have not seen my art please look at my art page

I have a large range of style so don’t be afraid to ask. Please and thank you <3 <3 <3

If you are interested I will give you my pay pal info as well.