anonymous asked:

Can you post your top 15 of favourite blogs?

Yes, but not in the correct order. And I have top 18, sorry

  1. my-ponchoboys
  2. moonheadkaz
  3. comebackpondsplease
  4. the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick
  5. humany-wumany
  6. agent-pond
  7. raggedymans
  8. arthurdarvilll
  9. meliapond
  10. lilypotter
  11. olliverwood
  12. gillanpond
  13. lazoey
  14. snaping
  15. piratepond-
  16. time-ismydivision
  17. foxingfaces
  18. sebstans

milesheizerrr  asked:

what is welcome to the night vale? is it a show or something?

It’s a podcast!
The show is presented to us as a local news radio broadcast and it follows the community life of the small town of Night vale. It’s very much like the the twilight zone due to it’s sci-fi/horror/suspence/surreal themes and that’s probably one of the reasons why people like it so much because while it can be without a doubt, you know, creepy, it is also extremely funny and smart and capable of making us think about the most ~philosophical™ things, so much that you will find yourself sitting alone in your room pondering about the big black void that is your life, wondering why are you even alive in the first place (seriously.)

There are so many good things about it I don’t even know where to begin, for example, it touches some problematic tropes/aspects of our society/media and then procedess to take them down and promptly call them on their bullshit, quite often, in the most witty possible way. There are some posts floating around tumblr, like this one, talking about how healthily queer people/relationships are portrayed in the show as well.

The narrator of the story is the radio host, Cecil. You will fall in love with him. Sorry, there’s no way around this. He’s very much in love with Carlos, a beautiful scientist with beautiful hair that comes to night vale to investigate all it’s strange phenomena. He gushes about him on air quite often and it’s one of the most endearing and hilarious things you’ll ever hear tbh. When he’s near him though Cecil tends to act as awkwardly as anyone on tumblr would around their crush

But while our beloved host is hilarious and adorable and a complete dork you have a ton of other (insane) characters that are as great as him, including a floating cat that has taken residence in the station’s bathroom, an old lady that lives with angels (one of them helped her change the porch light and now she’s selling the old light bulb it touched. just saying…maybe you’ll be interested in buying it idk) , a glowing cloud that rains dead animals, a bunch of interns that keep dying in the most various ways and a blogger who happens to be a five headed dragon.

idk man idk I will stop now because i’m getting tl;dr and i have no idea what i’m saying but anyway, the point is, if you are curious and have the time you should definitely check welcome to night vale out. Personally, I had never listened to a podcast series before so i didn’t know what to expect, hell, I didn’t even know what this show was about but I fell in love with it immediately so yeah 10000/10 would make the sacrifice of moving to desert bluffs if it’s continuity depended on it