. The treasure that I hold . by rydi1689

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It’s been a long time since I last drew Markiplier with his little toddlers from Five Nigths at Freddy’s! This time he has Jacksepticeye by his side to help him take care of the children! However, Jacksepticeye seems to have received more than he bargained for! He can’t control them, Springtrap is trying to overthrow Bonnie (as always) but Bonnie doesn’t seem to care, he’s more focused on deciding whether to hug Jacksepticeye’s head or to eat his hair (it seems very healthy!); one who is not in the mood to eat green things is Puppet, he’s desperately trying to crawl away from that awful goo called baby food! Mangle is a good kid and has already finished lunch and is now rejoicing in a delicious peach for dessert!

Markiplier has had enough time to get to know his children and knows how to convince them to eat their vegetables! Golden Freddy is still trying to deal with that broccoli but Chica and Foxy have already finished their lunch and are trying to get the lollipop prize!! Freddy is, once again, facepalming at his siblings’ behaviour, he just can’t understand why they always make such a fuss when eating! Fortunately for him, Daniel Kyre understands and comforts him!