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Trick or Treat - An Eric & Fox Halloween Oneshot


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“This is going to be great!” Ally enthused, sitting back. “Okay, blink.”

I blinked, feeling the fake eyelashes settle awkwardly on my lids. “They feel weird.”

“They’re supposed to,” Ally reached for her lip gloss then turned back to me. “Don’t touch them!”

I dropped my hand like a guilty child, sufficiently chagrined and curled my fingers against my thighs. I jumped slightly when I felt bare skin and looked down. I always wore jeans, training pants, sweats or the occasional capris; I never wore skirts and certainly not skirts this short. Seeing me finger my hemline Ally snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Are you sure you’re even Dauntless?”

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rva98014  asked:

p.p.s If you can, find the best image of Foxy Loxy you can find and post it side-by-side with the best Nick Wilde image you have. Foxy is from Disney's first full CGI film. Nick is from the awesomeness that is Zootopia. Then sit back in awe at how much Disney ascended in the mastery of CGI animation IN JUST TEN YEARS. Plus during that time they developed their own proprietary CGI rendering engine called Hyperion (first used on "Big Hero 6").

i don’t think there’s a “good” image of any description that can be extracted from chicken little, but

a foxponential improvement!

wAIT. WHAT IF CHLOE GOES THROUGH CHRISTMAS CAROL LIKE THING IN THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Like I mean, that’s her redemption episode assuming she has one. Not like the sole one, but it ignites most of her arc.

Like imagine it’s near Christmas and there’s all that holiday joy around and Chloe is being Chloe as usual. Everyone’s all holy joly and trying to have a good time but Chloe kinda ruins the mood, either by like talking bragging about how she’ll have so many presents and the biggest tree, or she’s very bitter about the holidays.

But eventually she pushes too far and every has enough of it, so maybe like Adrien, I guess, just tells her off because everyone is trying to have a good time and if she can’t accept that she should just go. Maybe there’s a Christmas party and she ends up being uninvited. So she kinda reflects a bit, kinda goes off with a “so what?” attitude. Maybe she bumps into Fu and he spews some old man turtle hero wisdom. He leaves and after a while she just finally accepts that her behavior hasn’t helped her at all and as a resolution, decides to try and turn her attitude around and be a better person.

BUT, it’s a gradual process, so we see her start to become nicer over a course of episodes, not to the point where she ends up like Foxy Loxy though. She’s still snarky and sarcastic just without being overtly cruel, selfish and offensive.