Tweet #WhereIsTip to @FoxHomeEnt & @20thcenturyfox

If you have a twitter, I urge you to tweet, spread, and bug them with this. We gotta show them we care about Tip and we want to see this representation on there!

It is NOT DreamWorks’ fault. I repeat it is NOT their fault. foxmovies is in charge of their marketing, so they are the ones we gotta get to!

Although I still wonder how they allow this. How they could even allow them exclude the main character from her own movie.. I just don’t know what went on there, or if the were even okay with it… I don’t know. But I would still tweet DWA too..!

But I apologize dreamworksanimation for blaming you so bad. I’m still a dedicated fan, but I’ve gotta know how this is just getting passed..? What do the writers and directors of the film think!?!? 

Ok I’m rambling again. I’m very confident we can do this guys, we just have to spread the word.