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Beginner's Guide to Tumblr: Stuff They Don't Tell You Up Front
  • DO NOT repost other people’s art/posts. “Reposting” means you saved or took a screenshot of someone else’s art/post and made your own new post using that work. This is stealing, even if you cite your source. You can get reported for this - DON’T DO IT. Just hit the “reblog” button if you want it on your blog.
  • The tagging system is wonky. It works like a search engine, so when you put tags on your post, you are making your post show up in searches that match what you tagged. HOWEVER - sometimes when you search a tag, posts will show up that contain what you searched but are not actually tagged. Example: You search “cats” and find a post that contains the word “cats” but was not actually tagged as #cats. This means that you need to be careful when you make posts. If you make a post saying negative things about something - DON’T tag that thing and put a “/” in the middle of the word whenever it appears in your post. Example: “I think that strawb/erries are the the most stupid fruit in existence! People who like strawb/erries can die in a hole.” This is a courtesy to other people who are searching for that thing you don’t like. It’s frustrating when you search for something you like, only to find posts hating on it. Don’t be that asshole that ruins people’s day just because you disagree with their tastes. You are free to have your own opinions - just please be sensitive to others.
  • “Tumblr Savior” is your new best friend. This is a free extension that you can download from the Chrome store. It allows you to blacklist content that you don’t want to see. Example: if you don’t want to see NSFW content, you can blacklist the key word “NSFW” and it will hide any posts that contain that word.
  • You CAN identify people that send anonymous messages. All you have to do is go to the anonymous message they sent, click the “…” button on the bottom corner, and select the “block” option.  Now go to your list of blocked blogs, and voila! The blog you just blocked will be listed with their true name. P.S. - If you’re getting anonymous hate, make sure to block/report them for doing so!
  • Tumblr social rules dictate that it’s okay not to follow someone you know irl. While other social sites like Facebook give you newsfeed based your friends’ updates, Tumblr is a site that gives your dashboard content based on the whims of the bloggers you follow. This means, you may have a friend irl that has a Tumblr, but your interests are very different. Therefore you may dislike your dashboard getting clogged up with content you don’t care about. You’re not obligated to follow them - YOU decide what content is on your dashboard.

Basically, the key to a happy Tumblr experience is to be courteous to others and fill your dashboard with the stuff you love! Enjoy your blogging!