foxesbridge  asked:

What's your favourite Nightwish album?

Oh dear, I’m so not good at picking favourites so be warned for a lot of rambling now. :P My first album was Once so that one will always be somewhat special to me. Another one I really like is Century Child. I remember when Dark Passion Play came out  that really reawakened my interest in the band and the DPP tour was also the first and only time I saw them live. So I guess those 3? But really I find it difficult to choose. Every album has at least one song (but usually more) I just really love and count among my favourites.

foxesbridge  asked:

What would your ideal setting for an Assassin's Creed game be?

Oh that’s an interesting question. I would still like to see a game set anywhere in the ancient world (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc) or maybe somewhere in Europe during the Middle Ages. But really there are so many possibilities. For you? :)