I often see foxes referred to as “catdogs” on Tumblr, but I wonder if folks realise how true that really is.

There’s a phenomenon called convergent evolution that occurs when two taxonomically unrelated species exploit the same ecological niche. The features that are needed to best take advantage of a given niche are pretty much the same everywhere you go; thus, over time, those species will become anatomically and behaviourally similar, even though they’re completely unrelated.

And foxes? Foxes are what you get when an ecosystem has no native small felines, so a canine species evolves to take advantage of the ecological niche that would have been exploited by a small feline, if one existed.

In other words, a fox is literally what you get when a dog tries to cat.

BRITISH PEOPLE (and non-British animal lovers)

In 2004, the British government introduced the Hunting Act, which made the hunting of animals such as red foxes, hares and deer for sport or pleasure totally illegal. Now, just 11 years later, Prime Minister David Cameron is moving to repeal the ban, by opening the issue to a free vote of the MPs. This means that MPs will be voting based on personal views, but more importantly, on the views of their constituents.

This vote is set to happen within a matter of days. Mr Cameron never made it any secret that he supports the bloody sport of fox hunting, and would try to bring it back if he was re-elected as PM. 

For those who might be unfamiliar with British ‘traditional’ fox hunting, it’s a so-called ‘blood sport’ typically practiced by England’s very rich minorities, where a group of riders on horseback will set loose a pack of dogs on the countryside to hunt down and brutally kill wild animals for no other reason than personal enjoyment

Despite the ban, these people (and I use the term loosely), have continued to hold regular ‘hunts’ (claiming that no animals are harmed) and have repeatedly shown that they feel the law does not apply to the privileged gentry.

Fox cubs kept in captivity for illegal hunts 

At least half of Scottish hunts breaking the law

Prime Minister’s former hunt admits illegal activity

Very little attention is being given to this issue in the media, possibly because David Cameron knows that the majority of the British public still support the ban. However, with a majority of MPs belonging to the Conservative Party, this may not be reflected in the coming vote. This is why it is doubly important to get in touch with your local MP and tell them how you feel about the needless slaughter of these beautiful creatures. This website can tell you who your local MP is, and how to contact them

Other ways to show your support for the ban:

  • Sign the RSPCA’s petition on change.org
  • Contact your local government on social media - most have offical twitter accounts (you can use the handles #keeptheban and #nomandate2repeal)
  • Share and reblog this post - even if you don’t live in the UK, your followers might, and we need all the support we can get

More information:

RSPCA page on fox hunting

Brian May’s Save Me Trust

A Documentary on Post-Ban Fox Hunts (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Please, please don’t let this horrible and unnecessary violence and slaughter become legal in Britain again. We’re better than this. The animals deserve better than this. Stop the hunt. Keep the ban.


蔵王キツネ村: the Zao Fox Village

Rounding out the trifecta of Japanese animal utopias (see previously: Bunny Island and Cat Island): the Zao Fox Village in the mountains of Miyagi. I wasn’t sure quite how many foxes to expect when we arrived. As it turns out: a lot. There are six different species of foxes in the village, making for a colourful (and adorable) array of vulpine inhabitants

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the signs as female indie pop artists
  • Aries:Meg Myers
  • Taurus:Sky Ferreira
  • Gemini:Charli XCX
  • Cancer:Foxes
  • Leo:Ryn Weaver
  • Virgo:Marina and the Diamonds
  • Libra:Betty Who
  • Scorpio:Natalia Kills
  • Sagittarius:Zella Day
  • Capricorn:Tove Lo
  • Aquarius:Halsey
  • Pisces:Melanie Martinez
  • based on the music of each artist, not their actual sun signs