Robots are stealing iPhone 6 assembly jobs from humans at Foxconn manufacturing facilities

Foxconn is on an iPhone 6-related hiring spree, but the giant Apple supplier isn’t only looking for human workforceIT Home reports that Foxconn may rely on some 10,000 robots to make Apple’s 2014 iPhone models, in addition to humans, with each machine capable of building up to 30,000 units per year, for a theoretical total of 300 million iPhones per year.

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We ran along the railway,
arriving in some place called ‘the City’
where we trade in our youth, and our muscle.
Finally we have nothing to trade, only a cough
and a skeleton nobody cares about.

Midnight. Everyone is sleeping soundly,
We keep our pair of young wounds open.
These black eyes, can you really lead us to the light?
‘Night Shift’


I swallowed a moon made of iron
They refer to it as a nail
I swallowed this industrial sewage, these unemployment documents
Youth stooped at machines die before their time
I swallowed the hustle and the destitution
Swallowed pedestrian bridges, life covered in rust
I can’t swallow any more
All that I’ve swallowed is now gushing out of my throat
Unfurling on the land of my ancestors
Into a disgraceful poem.


I want to touch the sky, feel that blueness so light
But I can’t do any of this, so I’m leaving this world
Everyone who’s heard of me
Shouldn’t be surprised at my leaving
Even less should you sigh or grieve
I was fine when I came, and fine when I left.


Xu Lizhi

On the last day of September, a 24-year-old migrant worker in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen killed himself. Xu Lizhi jumped out of a window of a residential dormitory run by his employer, Foxconn, the huge electronics manufacturing company with a million-strong workforce that makes the majority of the world’s Apple iPhones.

According to accounts from his friends, Xu tried multiple times to leave his job at Foxconn. Applications for positions in libraries and book stores in Shenzhen proved unsuccessful. He also was turned down for a job at an internal library within Foxconn’s compound. Xu moved away for a spell to be with his girlfriend in the city of Suzhou, but that relationship fell through, and he eventually made his way back to Shenzhen and Foxconn.

Xu is not the only Foxconn employee to commit suicide: in 2010, a spate of suicides put the international spotlight on the Taiwanese-run company, which is China’s biggest private employer. Foxconn has since taken effortsto improve working conditions and dormitories. There have been 18 attempted suicides of Foxconn employees in the past five years.

The haunting poetry of a Chinese factory worker who committed suicide

Foxconn Admits Employing Underage ‘Interns’ In China

Taiwan’s Foxconn has admitted employing children as young as 14 on assembly lines at a plant in China, a fresh blow to the tech giant that has been attacked over its treatment of staff after several suicides.

The company, which makes products for Apple and Sony, admitted it hired the underage workers as part of an internship programme, reflecting a practice rights groups said is widespread among enterprises in China.

This is not only a violation of China’s labour law, it is also a violation of Foxconn policy,” the company said in a statement late Tuesday, referring to Chinese rules that set the legal minimum age for workers at 16.

Immediate steps have been taken to return the interns in question to their educational institutions,” it added.

Foxconn, the world’s biggest contract manufacturer, said it had carried out a probe at the plant in eastern Shandong province, which showed the interns in question, aged from 14 to 16, had worked in there for about three weeks.

A spokesman told AFP the interns had been mainly working on assembly lines at the plant.

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Tech Talk: iPhone 5

Critics of the iPhone 5 come face to face with Foxconn factory workers on SNL

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Foxconn to speed up 'robot army' deployment; 20,000 robots already in its factories


June 26, 2013, 10:20 AM — Manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group is on track with its goal to a create a “million robot army”, and already has 20,000 robotic machines in its factories, said the company’s CEO Terry Gou on Wednesday.

Workers’ wages in China are rising, and so the company’s research in robots and automation has to catch up, Gou said, while speaking at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Taipei. “We have over 1 million workers. In the future we will add 1 million robotic workers,” he said. “Our [human] workers will then become technicians and engineers.”

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The People’s Record Daily News Update - Whose news? Our news!

November 8, 2012

Here are some stories you may not otherwise hear about today:

  • Farm workers in South Africa set fire to vineyards in protest of what they call “hunger wages”. They use the term “hunger wages” to describe the conditions they are forced to endure; they cannot afford to feed themselves and are expected to accept a low standard of living while spending most of their productive energy as manual workers. The workers have indicated that they will continue to struggle against their oppression until a better standard of living becomes available.

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There are many reasons the zombie, sprung from the colonial slave economy, is returning now to haunt us. Of course, the zombie is scary in a primordial way, but in a modern way, too. He’s the living dead, but he’s also the inanimate animated, the robot of industrial dystopias. He’s great for fascism: one recent zombie movie (and there have been many) was called “The Fourth Reich.” The zombie is devoid of consciousness and therefore unable to critique the system that has entrapped him. He’s labor without grievance. He works free and never goes on strike. You don’t have to feed him much. He’s a Foxconn worker in China; a maquiladora seamstress in Guatemala; a citizen of North Korea; he’s the man, surely in the throes of psychosis and under the thrall of extreme poverty, who, years ago, during an interview, told me he believed he had once been a zombie himself.

Apple Shifts Away From Foxconn

Eva Dou on the news that Apple is shifting more of its manufacturing business to Foxconn rival Pegatron:

Executive changes at Apple have also made a difference. Mr. Jobs had been easier at forgiving his favorite manufacturing partner, according to several people familiar with the relationship. Now, instead of relying on the uniquely close partnership between “two leaders with a hero complex"—as one of the people said—Mr. Cook is putting a greater premium on risk diversification, they said.

How many times have you heard that Steve Jobs was more "forgiving” than Tim Cook? Not a lot.


Pegatron Corp., named after the flying horse Pegasus, will be the primary assembler of a low-cost iPhone expected to be offered later this year.

Why am I way more excited about the Pegasus name-drop than the low-cost iPhone name-drop?

Foxconn founder personally overseeing iPhone 6 production to ensure the biggest launch

Apple is without question Foxconn’s largest and most important client. The China-based electronics manufacturing giant has seen its revenue skyrocket since it began building iPhones and iPads for Apple, and 2014 will seemingly be the biggest year yet for the iPhone, with two new models set to debut and as many as 80 million units on order.

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Xiaomi ingresa a Latinoamérica: fabricará y venderá su Redmi 2 en Brasil

China está teniendo cada vez más participación en el mercado de smartphones, especialmente con Xiaomi, una empresa valuada en 45.000 millones de dólares que se convirtió en el tercer fabricante de teléfonos a nivel global. Y por primera vez sale de su país natal: comenzará a producir en Brasil el Redmi 2, un teléfono de gama media.

La fabricación del teléfono contará por cuenta de Foxconn, que…

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The Honesty Microphone: True man show

If you think the stories I told are another piece of fiction, here is what I read from a Chinese Newspaper on the last Sunday.

On 25th June, Foxconn conducted its AGM at its HQ in Taipei. Outside the venue, lots of Labor Rights Protection Groups and Fair Labor Advocates surrounded the venue protesting Foxconn running many sweat shops around the world.

At the media conference, its CEO Terry Gou lashed out to the media, the UK institutional fund investors and his own lawyers team as well as to the protesters who blocked his building.

Here were what he said:

 “will Foxconn move out of China?” 

“ I want to EAT out China’s domestic market, I have not earned sufficient money from them!”

“How do you think of the fair labor right group’s concern?”

“These bastards are dogs-bad barking tailing dogs of the West, they conspire together to strike down Apple, Foxconn, to blemish the brand name “Made in China”. I wasted 3.5 hours of my precious time yesterday just to entertain YOU folks and those small UK newspapers!” 

Someone passed him a small note trying to calm him down. He threw away the paper. YOU! lawyers don’t give me any advice! I know very clear. These small fuzzy small UK newspapers. Why don’t you care the affairs of your own country? Why don’t you investigate how Princess Dianna died? Why don’t you dig out how many hidden scandals not yet revealed from your Royal Family, Your Prime Minister and Your Ministers?! 

These damn shit small UK newspaper must have bride some lazy idiot jobless young people to make a fuzz on me! Dare they (the Fair Labor Rights Advocates and scholars from HK and Taiwan) think they have any representative authority? I checked out ALL, They have none. They are a bunch of bad dogs who fake all stories by finding someone who are jobless idiots on the street to fake Foxconn employees in order to squeeze some juicy media stories. They conspired together to serve some secret interests of a few people of the West. ( I think Terry Go must have not checked the hundred of references quote worldwide including the annual reports from his own group and Apple in their books. In particular each of the employee being interviewed could show their employment contract, their employee ID, which departments they worked for, which factory they worked on, and what exactly were their duties. The only entities in this world which denied their identities and their legal paid are Foxconn and the corrupted officials in China who received astronomical benefits from Foxconn .)

I just paid 1 million to cure two employees who suffer from leukemia without any medical evidence. Money! It is medical fees. The union chair lady (he didn’t tell this fella is his own personal secretary) cried out before me! How can I give these two corpses back to you in two lively people? They have DIED!

And YOU-Terry Gou pointing to the UK pension fund managers: do believe me Foxconn pass all OHS tests. We surely pass the toughest test (except the Honesty Test?)  China is full of unemployment people, Foxconn surely can employ as many as it wants. BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BEST REMUNERATION AND BENEFITS. If you don’t like us, then you don’t buy our shares.

I proudly tell you another fact. The chief police station head from Xinyi District of Taipei retired and just joined Foxconn to be in charge of our security and fire safety department. This man Li De Wai and his wife-the former chief secretary to the Fire Bureau  complained to me there is no dignity to be a policeman in Taiwan. Unlike the cops in US. I paid them high enough. Now they can in charge of all security, insurance matters. (So these folks can beat, shoot and bash any Foxconn employees like the ‘dignified’ US cops did to the African Americans?)

In case you still have some slightest doubts about the plausibility of my wild card scenarios in a total malice world of the Honesty Microphone, here was what being recorded on the audience’s response:

Terry Gou received a 10 seconds long loud clapping sounds and applause showing highest respects to him after he delivered his speech at the part of asking the UK small newspapers reporters to roll back home to care about their own internal affairs.

Source: Sing Tao 27-28 June 2015 Australia edition.