Today I transported some orphaned opossum joeys from a rescue to a rehabber. Mama was killed by a car but had 7 healthy babies who were unharmed in her pouch. The little wrinkles are getting a second chance at life now!

If you see a possum on the road and you suspect it might still have living babies in the pouch PLEASE pull over and see if you can save a life. Possums are not vectors for rabies and do not carry any diseases communicable to humans. It is SAFE to touch a dead possum (or a living one for that matter).

A list of date ideas I tried with my SO that you might want to try with yours!

Holding really big slugs

Catching and releasing every toad you see

Overturning some rotting logs to find friends!

Feeding wild birds out of your hands

Sitting stock still for like 40 minutes watching a squirrel

Looking at a spider for so long a crowd forms to see what you’re looking at

Blowing kisses at seagull babies

Getting soaked in a waterfall

every time someone on the internet finds something to enjoy and be excited about it 5,000 gremlins come out of the woodwork to say that no one is allowed to like it because they dug under the floor boards and found some speck of dirt on the the thing. OR there’s the other gremlins coming out of the crevices saying no one can like it because they just don’t like it themselves or they think its poorly written. 

Being critical of media =/= policing the interests of others.

My dad legit referred to a visibly trans homeless youth we helped out at an ‘it’ and pitched a fit when I asked him to use they/them pronouns… But when I call an otter in a video I’m watching a 'hungy boy’ and he’s like… How do you know that’s a boy?

It’s an otter, not only can it not hear my in my house but if it could it wouldn’t care because it doesn’t give a shit about gender it’s busy being a hungy boy!

I like using gendered pronouns and boy/girl to refer to animals, plants, and inanimate objects because it’s cute!! It makes me smile!! It isn’t hurting or disrespecting the humanity that they don’t have!!

I can admit I can be disrespectful of my father sometimes. But he never gets mad at me for a good reason. I’ve given him good reasons sometimes but no, it’s always me trying to gain any respect of my own that sets him off. I respect him for raising me and supporting me and supporting my decision to pursue my passion, but I can respect someone who doesn’t respect others different from himself, and I certainly can’t fully respect someone who doesn’t even see me as an equal.

Yes I understand I am dependant on him and my mom for financial help and insurance. I am very grateful of it. I don’t know what I would do without it. But that doesn’t make me his property. No you can’t take my things away, I paid for them I own them. No you can’t fucking spank me that’s assault. Yes I am under your roof and that means I play by your rules but that doesn’t give you the right to come in my room without knocking or look through my phone.
You want respect? You earn it old man. What’s how the world works for everyone, you aren’t exempt from that just because you’re a straight white upper middle class father. That doesn’t automatically mean I bow down to you because we share dna. You aren’t raising me anymore. In less than 5 years I will have to be completely independent of you. Will you treat me like a peer then? Or will you still think I owe you?

I’m educating this dude on YouTube with some possum facts because he thought they were nasty and dangerous big rats and while he seems to accept all the info I gave him his response was to let me know he only likes snakes, bunnies, dogs, cats, and MAYBE birds. Suspicious on the bird front. Well you don’t need to like them! Just want to let you know they aren’t mean critters.