Come Home (@foxboy16) CLOSED RP

Naruto tapped his foot on the floor incessantly, sitting at the edge of his bed. He glanced at the clock. He sighed heavily, tapping his foot even more restlessly and trying to think of something else. But, again, he glanced at the clock. He tapped his foot furiously, desperately trying to distract his thoughts. But, again, he glanced at the clock.

He threw himself back on the bed with a loud groan. Felix had said that he’d be back in a couple of hours, but he wasn’t back yet. He had left sometime early in the afternoon and now it was already late in the evening. The sun was setting already soon! What would happen to him if he had to be out all alone at night? Fuck that, what was happening to him right now with that pervert? Naruto fisted the bedding. That train of thought wasn’t helping at all.

Ever since Felix had left, Naruto had been anxious. He thought that being alone again would finally give him time to clear his mind and get himself in order. All of that brashness from earlier might clear up if he could just be alone. After all, being in someone’s company when he was used to being alone was what had started the whole thing anyway.

Despite his theory, Naruto couldn’t stop thinking of Felix for even a second after he’d left. His mind was not cleared at all, so he decided that there was just nothing to clear. In fact, he had spent hours talking himself into this. It wasn't so strange to form a bond with someone, especially after having gone so long without a single one. It was a bit strange to end up forming a bond with what was supposed to be a one-night stand… but that was what it was. All he could do now was roll with the punches.

The fact remained, he was drawn to Felix. He was infatuated. He was mesmerized. He was enamored. There was no denying it. All he could do was downplay it now in an attempt to hide his feelings. He didn’t want to rush into something too quickly and he definitely didn’t want to give Felix the power to hurt him. He wanted to, but he couldn’t quite trust Felix yet. He hadn’t earned it, really. Though, Naruto had the feeling that he would. Felix was different. And that special thing that Felix had was what kept Naruto from going a single second without thinking of him. He growled in frustration.

‘When will he come back?’

He was angry at the perverted bastard for keeping Felix for so long and forcing Naruto to wait. At the back of his mind, though, he truly worried that Felix wasn’t held up at all… that he had just abandoned him. Anger dulled into anxiety and his throat grew tight. Felix wouldn’t… right?

Come home, Felix…