Skip to 0:25 to see what I guess at the time, was a uncompleted theme song intro to the show. 

It features a few different animated sequences than in the final product 

back in the day there was the anime fridays on the ytv

with the dot hack signs and the witch hunter robins and the death notes and the narutos. AND THE INUYASHAS. BACK 2 BACK. as was the style at the time. and they played in order! each week! so if you missed a week to go to a friend’s house, well siree you better have hoped to the anime master gods that your vhs was working because it would take another 20 weeks to get back to that episode again.

and then you had to wake up extra early to catch the foxbox lineup on saturday morning!

you were plain fucked if you didn’t get up at 7:30 to watch digimon, the whole morning would be thrown off. the shaman king, the sonic x, the kirbys. it would all feel empty without saban’s digimon.

though ultimate muscle would always be on at 11:30, best time slot just in case you slept in you always knew ultimate muscle would still be there for you.

Sending these sample fabrics off to the manufacturer tomorrow. :0 Can we complete the rainbow??

I hope we can find close matches! The fabric they have on hand changes constantly so it’s hard to match up with their stock. I don’t know if this Christmas season will wipe out my stock like last Christmas but I’m trying to get prepared well in advance!



Woolie’s Bizarre Reboot - JoJo’s Bizarre adventure cross Reboot cross the Best Friends! I side project I will be undertaking for the next couple weeks/months where I make 3D sculpts of the best friends as Reboot/JOJO characters. Wish me luck. I am the dumberest.

I will also post renders from different angles and Zbrush turntables of the best friends and their STAND.EXE’s once Zbrush decides it want’s to cooperate. Many apologies in advance